About Me

I am Christina, otherwise known as The Fairly Odd Mother. I live with my husband, John, and our three kids and big black lab south of Boston, Massachusetts. We are a fairly normal family, though I also homeschool our three kids which makes us “not-so-normal” (or “odd”) to many.

I arrived at this point in my life after beginning in Rhode Island, hence my fondness for that little state. I spent my formative years in Agawam, Massachusetts, home of the first zip code and Riverside Park, which is now Six Flags. Yes, I worked at Riverside, taking Olde Timey Photos of sweaty people in smelly costumes. I suggest you stay away from that part of an amusement park.

After four years at Providence College, I graduated as a dual English/Humanities major. I then spent a dozen years in media planning for advertising agencies, where I met my friend Liz who went on to start Mom 101 and gave me the idea to begin my own blog.

I began The Fairly Odd Mother in October 2006, though my archives here begin in April 2007 due to a giant Blogger-to-Wordpress fail. ┬áDon’t worry: I don’t think you missed out on too much.

My friendship with Liz also opened the door for me to become a Senior Associate Editor for both Cool Mom Picks and Cool Mom Tech. I do very few product reviews at The Fairly Odd Mother because anything I love goes onto those sites. However, I will consider covering local events or venues on this site if it isn’t appropriate for CMP/CMT.

We are eclectic homeschoolers which means we do some book learning, some life learning, some paid classes, and some “you take my kids and teach them science and I’ll teach your kids history” classes.

My interests include running (first 10K done!), swimming in various bodies of water, researching homeschooling materials, reading books that don’t have anything to do with shades of grey, taking fun Boston or Rhode Island-area field trips with the kids, playing with my dog, going to dinner with my husband, and laughing really hard with my friends.

I talk a lot.

Want to talk to me? You can reach me at thefairlyoddmother1@gmail.com or FairlyOddMother on Twitter.