The dream becomes reality watching Boston Ballet’s Nutcracker

Boston Ballet Nutcracker on stageLast year, my then-nine-year-old daughter and I were invited to attend the Boston Ballet’s brand-new production of the Nutcracker. As we sat there in the glow, her hugging a pair of worn ballet shoes that were in the “goodie bag”, I thought, “I’d love to give her the chance to dance in this ballet.”

This year, she will. Not with Boston Ballet (their ballet school is even more of a drive than the one we are currently attending), but with the Franklin Performing Arts Company which puts on a lovely Nutcracker every year, starring, coincidentally, two Boston Ballet soloists. She will be both a “party girl” and a “Marzipan” (sometimes called Pastorale.)

So when we were invited again last week to see this year’s Boston Ballet’s Nutcracker, we went with excitement building that Jilly will soon be part of her own company’s production.

And, oh, they do put on such a beautiful ballet. It helps that their location, the Boston Opera House sets the mood perfectly for a night of holiday magic.

Boston Opera House for Nutcracker

And the dancers are exquisite.

Boston Ballet Nutcracker by Gene Schiavone

The story is sweet and so entertaining.

Boston Ballet Nutcracker bear and kids

Though what I liked best was sharing this experience with a little girl who last year was dreaming about dancing in the Nutcracker, and this year, will.

Jilly and I at Boston Ballet Nutcracker

Many thanks to the Boston Ballet for inviting us to attend opening night of Mikko Nissenen’s Nutcracker. Shows will run through the end of the month and will really get you into the Christmas spirit.

For those of you in my neck of the woods, the Franklin Performing Arts Company’s Nutcracker will run December 14-15. Not into ballet? My oldest daughter, Belly, will appear in FPAC’s brand-new production, Carol’s Christmas, the following weekend. I don’t think my son’s fencing school is putting on any holiday-themed shows though. Maybe next year.

In praise of an uneventful year

No matter how many times I sit down to start a new post, I’m stuck with how to begin. I vowed I wouldn’t start with, “Hey, I’ve been gone for six months!” but here I am. . .saying just that.

Fortunately, there is no reason for the absence other than being a little tired of writing about my life and also getting a bit addicted by the immediacy of Facebook. You mean I can write two sentences in my Facebook status update and have 15 comments in 10 minutes, versus spending an hour editing a post? 

But Facebook posts seem lost within hours even though I’m sure they are still on some server. And maybe this can just be my own little space to talk and sometimes even say something worth reading.

2013 has been a pretty great year so far. I felt almost guilty on the phone with a good friend who is going through a tough patch when she asked, “What’s new with you?” Um. . .really, everything is. . .okay. Nothing too exciting to report. Nothing gossip-worthy. Nothing but putting one day in front of another day, looking back, and saying, “Things are going well.

What else?

She turned twelve (and got her braces off!):

 photo IMG_2882_zps1641f34d.jpg

She turned ten:
 photo ScreenShot2013-07-02at70004AM_zpsd4e69b3a.png

He’s still eight:

 photo IMG_2795_zps643b4862.jpg

My mama turned seventy!

 photo IMG_2664_zps2ddfe471.jpg
I finished a half marathon:

 photo IMG_2697_zps35365b2e.jpg

We took a cruise—our first ever!

 photo IMG_2711_zpsaa62c5d7.jpg
We did this in Bermuda:

 photo R0089203_zpsef101847.jpg

She’s coming back.

This one is doing just dandy.

And we’re going here again.

We are still homeschooling, and I’m gearing up to have a 7th (gulp), 5th, and 3rd grader in September.

So, what’s new with you?


Comfort and joy


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas (or a Happy Tuesday!)

May you all get some special snuggle time today.