Mommy and her laptop, sitting in a tree. . .

If there is one ugly truth about myself, it’s that I’m on this laptop far too much. 

I use this computer for work, and to shop for everything but groceries (though I have done that before). I use it to research what we’re having for dinner and to get materials for the class I’m teaching in our next homeschool coop session. I have three email accounts to check, and Facebook and Twitter feeds that I try to pop on at least once a day (okay, 50).

But it is way too easy to get sucked into a vortex. Just one more post to read. Shoot, work needs this tomorrow, I’ll do it now. Oh. . .Big Store X is having a huuuuge sale, and I really should pick up some of their {insert product here}. 

Here’s the thing though: My house is not falling apart from filth. The laundry is done (and put away). I cook three meals a day, and they are (almost) always nutritionally sound. My dog is walked (and tired) (which counts as my exercise, right?) My marriage isn’t falling apart (right honey???). My legs are shaved. I read stories to the kids at bedtime and don’t check my iPhone as I do it. My kids aren’t running wild, beating small animals and setting fires. In fact, they are great kids.

The only thing that bugs me about the time I spend online is how it looks to the kids. Will they remember mom as the lady with the laptop in the kitchen clicking away? Or will they remember her as the one who took them to their million activities? Who kicked their butt dancing to The Chemical Brothers on Just Dance 3? Who helped them put away their 1,001 American Girl accessories? (oy) Who sat with them as they tried to remember the difference between an adjective and an adverb and somehow didn’t scream?

I’m debating setting a timer. Working only when they are asleep (a tricky proposition as they stay up later and later). Maybe only going online between certain hours. 

Or cutting myself some slack and stop worrying about this. 2012 as the year of less self-imposed guilt? Sounds pretty nice to me.

Happy Anniversary to Me

Three years ago today, I wrote my first post for a website my good friend Liz helped start called Cool Mom Picks. She had approached me after hearing me rave about a cool vegan cupcake book I found for my milk-allergic daughter.

This one post, led to another and, shoot forward three years, I’m still writing for this site (and its new sibling Cool Mom Tech) as its Senior Associate Editor. Funny how one little post turned into all of this!

So, Happy Anniversary to me! I think we’ll be making some (vegan) cupcakes today to celebrate.

Cool Mom Picks also celebrated a milestone with its fifth birthday last week! Many congratulations to Liz and Kristen and all the writers and contributors. It’s been so fun to be along for the ride.