Seeing eye to eye

You know what is really startling? The day your oldest child walks up to you and you realize that she is looking you straight in the eye and not gazing up at you like the big maternal figure you’ve always been to her.

Seeing Eye to Eye: Belly and Mom

On some days, it feels like a challenge. See me? I’m becoming your equal. I’m not your little girl anymore.

That’s mostly in my head, of course. She is still my little girl who needs my help, advice, and cash (of course) to get through the days. But, she often reminds me that she’s not a baby anymore through her words, actions, and the occasional disdainful headshake that let’s me know that I am so, so, so not cool.

But it’s an amazing thing to see the kids literally growing up (and up), having their own (strong) opinions, making their own decisions (good and bad), and just generally going from being little kids to teens.

I’m pretty okay with this. But the day I wake up and my other two are towering over me? I may need some time to myself that day to collect my thoughts.

Seeing Eye to Eye: All three kids