Turn Off The TV Week: Like Life in them Olden Days

Today began “TV Turnoff Week”, otherwise known as, “Make Mommy Crazy So She’ll Let You Watch Double Next Week”.

No, really, it is a wonderful idea

We made it through today by reading about 10 books, hosting two playdates (thank goodness for nice weather) and then, after Fairly Odd Father reminded me that he was going to a Red Sox game, dinner at a “real” restaurant (“real” meaning the 99; as opposed to a “not-real” restaurant, which would be Burger King drive-through eaten in the car).

We aren’t a huge TV Family. But, I love how a few perfectly-timed shows can turn three loud, wild, fun-loving kids into quiet lumps. I love those quiet lumps. I need those quiet lumps. But, for a week, there will be no lumps in this house.

Have mercy on me.


Tonight, I was trying to catch up on the “100+” blog updates that I have yet to read from all my favorite bloggers, and I stumbled upon this post from Oh, The Joys. And, look at what she did for little ol‘ me!

My site was nominated for Best Parenting Blog!

Now, I doubt I will win this thing, seeing as I have two votes (which means, be still my heart, someone other than Oh, The Joys voted for me too! and, no that other person was not me!). But, to get a little pat on the head every now and then feels kinda nice. So, I’m going to go smiling off to bed where I will stare at the TV screen until I fall asleep, and then will feel just a teensy bit guilty in the morning when the kids ask me to turn on a show and I sweetly tell them, “I’m sorry dears, it is TV Turnoff Week”.


  1. Oh man, a week sans the boob tube for kiddos. I give you credit. I couldn’t function without Curious George in the morning so I can finish my coffee.

    (I tagged you for a meme. Stop by and see if it’s something you might want to write about.)

  2. Oh, The Joys says

    TV turn off week is a great idea!

  3. AFTER you told me what week it was, we had the TV turned off all night. Jamie looked at me like, “Wha? What about the TiVoed Sopranos from last night?” But the tube got on this morning when the little guy woke up at 6am AGAIN! Sorry. I just can’t operate that early. Thank goodness the weather is at least worthy!

    And congrats on the nomination. You rock, momma.

  4. Mrs. Chicky says

    Good luck with the no TV thing. I could never do it. I like my little, drooling lump too much.

  5. You’re a better woman than I, I’d never make it. Well I guess I did once when our tv broke, but man was it ugly. (And expensive! We visited a LOT of playgyms that week.)

    Congratulations on your nomination. You’re definitely a kickass mommyblogger.

  6. BlogWhore says

    i love tv turn-off week. great idea.

    for me, that week comes with warm weather and lasts all summer long.

  7. Ahhh, you are an inspiration to us all.

    You so deserve that nomination, because I didn’t even know it was TV Turn off week…..

  8. Her Bad Mother says

    I can’t do a turn-off week until Lost and Heroes finish. Then, I’m good.

    And! I’ll go vote for you! (You could, cough-ahem, vote for me too… ;))

  9. I still have my Break Free of TV shirt with little Sandra Boynton animals from when my kids were little. I’ve been known to wear it while watching an entire DVD of Lost episodes. 😉

  10. Jen Magnuson says

    Ironically, we turned our t.v. back on this week, after a nearly six month hiatus. I just wanted to watch something that wasn’t a Disney DVD.

    I love that oh, the joys nominated you! I’ll vote for ya — you’re a great site that I lurk around often. Hell, I voted for oh, the joys, too, and we’re in competition, too (love her site as well…so many great mom writers out there)

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