Why I Have a Twitch

This pretty much sums up my life with a 2 1/2-, 4- and 6-year old.

Happy Mother’s Day to you, mom, mommy, momma, ma, mum, mummy, or whatever you are called over and over and over again:


  1. Kieran sent this to me a few months ago and I watched it over and over and over. Makes me laugh every single time.

    Happy Mother’s Day, momma. You have the patience of a saint. Or as mom says, “I don’t know where she gets her patience. She certainly didn’t get it from me.” Um, really?

  2. nuttnbunny says


  3. That clip had me literally cackling!

    Happy Mother’s Day.

  4. Is it bad that my kids were laughing hysterically at this?

  5. Back again to say “Tag, you’re it!”. See my blog for details :-), and have a great Mother’s Day.

  6. Mrs. Chicky says

    I love that clip. I can watch it over and over again, which is silly since I have the real thing standing next to me.

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