Feels Like the First Time

It seems sort of ironic that I started this blog as a place to talk about our new adventures in homeschooling, but instead, I talk about ME, me, me! So, with that said, it is time for me to complete yet another fascinating meme about moi. This one comes from the ever-hilarious and amazing mothergoosemouse.

The assignment? Reveal 18 “Firsts” about myself. Some of these go way back because there aren’t too many “firsts” happening anymore.

1. My first concert was The Kinks in Springfield, MA. I was in 9th grade and drank peppermint schnapps. I was wicked wasted and thought the guitarist was the lead singer until the encore.

2. My first pet was Fluffy, the short-haired tabby cat. She was the best cat ever (sorryzackandcally;iloveyoutoo) and could jump from the ground to my shoulders. She also killed the Easter Bunny (on Easter morning!) which scarred my sister for life.

3. My first celebrity crush was (swallow before you read this) Barry Manilow. I wrote to his fan club and had his photo on my wall. Now, I can’t even hear “Oh Mandy” in the elevator without feeling embarrassed.

4. My first devirginification occurred at the ripe old age of 18, three weeks into my college career.

5. My first love was the devirginificationer, although the act happened before the love.

6. My first (and thankfully only) girl fight happened at Axis on Lansdowne Street in Boston, when I was about 27. A big-haired girl pushed my sister as she walked by (she may have stumbled into her, but whateva!). I pushed the girl back and we had words. I then flicked her on her forehead with my finger (I know, can you believe I’m so tough?) and she tried to throw her beer at me, but she was holding a bottle of beer, so it just sort of came up the neck. . .and sunk back down. By now, my friends were pulling me away and shaking their heads at me, while I laughed over the beer fight that never was.

7. My first blog post was written on October 9, 2006.

8. My first car was an orange-y Chevrolet Chevette. I sang “Little Red Chevette” all the time (my high school days were during the Purple Rain heyday).

9. My first broken bone came when Fairly Odd Father and I were still dating and decided to go snowboarding together. Let’s just say I won’t be doing THAT again.

10. My first surgery was the c-section I had for my first child, Belly. After a few hours of intense, no-drug labor, the nurses realized that it wasn’t a head they were feeling, but a butt. Much scurrying commenced and I was soon having a cesarean birth.

11. My first cousin does not exist. My father was an only child. My mother has one half-sister, 16 years her senior who has always lived in Austria. While her sister has a few children, I have only met them once and they technically are not ‘first’ cousins. I always wished to have a big extended family, so I’m so happy that my sister has been kind enough to give my kids two cousins.

12. My first experiment with pot came the summer after high school graduation. I was with my ‘wild’ friend in her brown Camaro and we went to see Cocoon after that.

13. My first massage was not until I was in my later 20’s and it was done by a guy who had gone to Asia, found enlightenment, changed his name and gave me the best kick-ass massage ever. I went to him a few more times but was a little creeped out that he massaged me bare-chested (not exactly ON my breasts, but pretty close—I liken it to the way you are supposed to ski moguls). At the time, this seemed pretty normal, but now that I’ve had many more massages and NO ONE has ever asked me to pull down my towel, I am thinking he was a little bit fishy. But, so good, I’d go back in a heartbeat, if only I could find him.

14. My first job (besides babysitting) was at a laundromat. I was about 14 or 15 years old and made $2.10 an hour to sit behind a little counter and make change so that people could use the washers and dryers. I worked after school until closing time, often alone and completely clueless as to what I would have done if someone would have robbed me (or worse!). I still can’t believe my parents let me work there.

15. My first cigarette was with my friend Michele, in the woods behind her house. We stole a Marlboro Menthol from her older sister and shared it, coughing and laughing the entire time.

16. My first, and only, 4.0 semester came in my junior year in college.

17. My first job out of college was as an Account Coordinator for two Advertising Copywriters. I made $16,000 and had to take on a second job working at BJ’s.

18. Oh good God, I can’t think of one more thing. Let’s see: My First time turning 40 will occur this summer on July 23rd. I. . .just. . .can’t. . .believe. . . it. . .

I can’t bring myself to tag someone after such an exhausting post, so please feel free to play along if you’d like.


  1. Alpha DogMa says

    What no random abandonment of the meme at #16? You’re slipping.

    BTW, you are doing wonders for modernizing and hipifiying (as in: to increase the hip vibe of something) of homeschooling.

    I’d attempt this meme but am about to fall into a diabetic coma after a helping of your double wide trailer ice cream bar thing. It was amazing. My kids think I am the awesomest mom ever. And: I am.

    #6 is so funny.

    About #3, Barry’s gay right? Or a eunuch? Which one? I love The Copacabana. Though I no longer play it because my boys got way into the whole shoot out part at the end.

  2. Mrs. Chicky says

    Barry Manilow? Well, I can admire you for having the courage to admit that. 😉

  3. Major Bedhead says

    Oh, dood. Would it make you feel better if I admitted to the Barry love, too? First 45 (yeah, you heard right – a 45) I ever bought was Mandy. It cost me 79 cents. I was 7 years old at the time and thought he was just dreamy….

  4. theotherbear says

    BJ’s??? Who on earth was foolish enough to name a store THAT! I can’t tell you what I thought they would have sold.

  5. Oh Mandy.

    My kids will be crying to a shrink someday about hearing that song when they are trying to sleep, but I just can’t help it.

    Seriously, how can you not love a man who acknowledges that you came and you gave without taking, but he sent you away?

  6. Thirty-One Trendy says

    This if the first time I’m visited you blog and I nearly wet my pants (not so unusual anymore though, 2 kids later – so sad!)

    Barry Manilow?! I used to kiss my Sean Cassidy poster every night before I went to bed. Da Doo Run Run Run, Da Doo Run Run.

    As for the girl fight, LOVE the flick on the forehead.

  7. My first celeb crush was Donny Osmond (loved his purple socks)during his variety show with Marie. I liked him because he was a little bit country and a whole lot a rock n roll!

  8. I am happy that my kid has cousins, since she’s gonna be an only child.

    Happy 40 next month!

  9. I just learned so much about you! I LOVE the Axis story. I was thinking that was the first nightclub I went to in college…but no. It was 9 Lansdown. And it sucked.

  10. Um… how do I not remember #6? I kinda remember the flick, which leads me to believe that I musta been drunk on Jager during this fight? What the…

    How ’bout your first broken nose during Ween? “Pushing up daisies to make ’em come up…”

    But I will always remember the “Sunset red ‘vette”…

  11. Fairly Odd Mother says

    Mrs Q, yes, you were inebriated. That may have been the same night you and I decide to dance in the ‘pit’ and both just kind of hugged each other, jumped up and down and then fell to the floor.

    The “OhMYNOSE!” story will have to wait for another post.

    Shar, now that you mention Donny Osmond—oh dear, I loved him too! And Sean Cassidy! So dreamy!

    The Other Bear, I almost spit all over my monitor—yes, “BJ’s” is quite the name, heh?

  12. Mary Alice says

    Oh gosh, it was Donny for me. Oh and maybe a little Andy Gibb. I did really like Barry’s songs but I never had a crush on him. Wow, takes me right back to sitting on the floor with my sisters and cousins, watching Donny’s big white teeth grinning from the TV set. Those were the days.

    You were a wee bit of a wild child. Tsk tsk…peppermint schnapps? Do the memories of peer pressure contribute to the decision to home school?

    And it is interesting how blogs moph. I wanted mine to help people understand more about the military life. Now I am just going on about fat and underwear. I don’t know how it happens.

  13. Fairly Odd Mother says

    Hi Mary Alice,

    Funny, but in high school, I was definitely more of a brain/prude than a wild child. I can count on one hand the number of times I drank before I was 18. In my 20’s, I really started getting nutty, probably b/c I felt FREE, FREE, FREE!!! (except for the debt, bills and full-time job stuff!). My parents weren’t unusually strict; in fact, I was never grounded; I just was very caught up in being a ‘good girl’.

    Peer pressure was probably a factor in my decision to homeschool, but the main reason was that I thought it sounded like a great lifestyle for us.

  14. mothergoosemouse says

    You FLICKED her? You are my HERO.

    My old friend Jamie had a blue Chevette, alternately known as the Shit-vette and the G&S Partymobile.

    And Cocoon while high? Oy.

  15. nuttnbunny says

    I’d flick a forehead for you…

  16. devirginification – bwahahahaha!

    Would you feel any better if I said that my first celebrity crush was on Shaun Cassidy? *shudder*

    PS Obviously I’m back home now. Blog post to follow later today, I hope. (I’m supposed to be frantically working right now and a blog post would give me away for sure LOL.)

  17. Don’t tell anyone, but I kinda “dig” Barry… “at the Copa, Copacabanan”

  18. Two Write Hands says

    Fascinating stuff. I hadn’t seen this meme yet. I may have to bookmark it and give it a shot later.

  19. Awesome. But Barry Manilow? Dude, you are a brave woman for putting that in print.

  20. Pieces of Me says

    I found you through Robin and I’ll be checking you more often, now that I know where you are. Great list. I like your firsts especially the one about the cigarette.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt embarrassed having a crush on Barry Manilow.:)

    And congratulations on turning the big 4-0!

  21. Stefanie says

    Hey, did you live in Springfield or Boston? Cause I went to high school in Springfield, MA. 11th and 12th grade at Classical.

  22. Great meme! Just happened across your blog. I’m turning 40 on July 19th…and scarily enough will become a first time mom in 2008. YIKES!

    My first 45 was Elton John’s “Little Jeannie”. LOL And Barry Manilow is my guilty pleasure!

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