For You

For you, we got up early one morning to take new kid photos for your office.

The kids all showered, brushed their hair and put on nice clothes. Our friend with the good camera and better eye took dozens of photos of our trio.

Taking good photos of three squirmy kids is not easy.

Amidst all the giggles and wrestling, we also got this:

Happy Father’s Day from your three who love their daddy with all their hearts.


  1. Your children are beautiful! I think the second one is my favorite.

  2. Blog Antagonist says

    What a sweet picture and a thoughtful gift. I’m sure he will love them!

  3. Mrs. Chicky says

    That last one is the cutest picture EVAH.

  4. nuttnbunny says

    Yum-cha! Did they like the cake?

  5. Alpha DogMa says

    All great snaps. How brave you are. Mine are five and three and nothing guarantees opposing mood swings like the presence of a camera.

  6. These are all great. I like the squirmy ones best.

    Happy daddy’s day, John!

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