Gym Shorts

Recent email conversation between Fairly Odd Father & I. We were discussing a giant bookcase from Ikea we need to hold all our homeschool stuff. It also helps to know that John belongs, not to a fancy Boston gym, but to our broken-down local Y.

Me: “This would definitely fit in the dining room (I measured). And it says it is in stock.”

Him: “Damn thing comes in a box that weighs 206 lbs. Nice.”

Me: “Oh come on. . .you do all that weight lifting! ; )”

Him: “Yes. I go to the gym, but just to check out some hot octogenarian ass.”


  1. Whirlwind says

    Haha nice. FOF seems to have a great sense of humor. We were just looking at getting some storage baskets from IKEA but of course, they are not for sale via the internet, so looks like a trip for us.

  2. LOL…looks like you have some competition! If only I could get my husband to a gym…

  3. Oh, The Joys says

    Here’s hoping I’m hot in my 80’s – it’s gotta be my turn SOME TIME!

  4. Maybe try the, “you look so hot with a mop in your hands”…

  5. Mrs. Chicky says

    Octogenarian ass… Purrrrrrrr.


  6. Alpha DogMa says

    My uncle’s full time job is assembling Ikea furniture. I kid you not. But he refuses to lift any of it. You’ve got to buy it and have it delivered. Cos he thinks that is the most difficult part.

  7. Mary Alice says

    Tee hee…that’s funny when my friend and I were at the gym the other day we noticed that several Octogentarians had positioned themselves on the equipment behind us…they said the view was better back there. Hummm.

    You better watch that man, those Octogentarians can be quite saucey.

  8. Rock the Cradle says

    Oh, you bring back memories. The Impling’s bedroom set together must weigh near 800 pounds.

    Still had fun putting it all together though. No Octogenarian ass though. Yet.

  9. Um, ew.
    Suddenly I’m thinking of Nancy Reagan naked.

  10. That is great, lol.

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