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Can you guess what we’ve been up to this week? Hint: it is large, exciting and elusive to my three-second-delay digital camera.

For the answer, check me out at New England Mamas. Yeah, that’s right; I want to be like all the other cool kids and write for more than one blog.


  1. Hail?! Well that must be creepy at sea. At least you saw whales. My first two (and almost only) whale watches netted no whales. Nothing but a bunch of barfing shipmates. And that’s before I went with Jamie…

  2. Ha, your descriptions of the photos are spot on! And congrats on your new blogging gig. You’re like all legitimate now and everything.

  3. How fun! (well, aside from the crappy weather)

    I did a whale-watching trip off of Cape Cod years ago, and then off course a few weeks ago we went on another in Victoria, BC to see the orcas. So cool… Oh, and the Cape Cod one was long before digital cameras, but even with a film camera I still had loads of shots of frothy water. As big as they are, those suckers are hard to catch!

  4. I just love love love whale watches. I have been on no less the 7 trips out to see the whales and I believe only one time we didn’t see at least one! We hit some bad weather, but I was young enough then to want to get hit with the waves that were cresting over the bow of the boat! Looking back I am not sure that was the saftest thing to be doing huh?
    Ah well….

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