Oh yeah. . .I KNEW there was something happening before my birthday. . .

Today, I opened the mailbox to see a card addressed to Fairly Odd Father and I. It was an anniversary card from my inlaws.

My anniversary is in three days, and I completely, utterly, positively forgot all about it.

About an hour later, husband and I were alone in the kitchen, and I showed him the card. He looked at me with amazement in his eyes and said, “I completely forgot about our anniversary”.

It must be love because we just laughed and continued on with our evening. At least I still have time to buy a card.


  1. Happy anniversary. How many years is it?

  2. Fairly Odd Mother says

    Hi Robin!

    This will be eight years! We were married in the summer of ’99—hmmmm, the wedding story may even warrant its own blog post!

  3. Oooh, do tell!

  4. nuttnbunny says

    Yes, do tell! And many happy returns 🙂

  5. Oops! happy anniversary to you!

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