The Kids Are Alright, I Hope

Here is a little update on the kids living at Chez Fairly Odd Family.

First there is Belly, my 6 year old. That girl is a talker. She can talk to anyone about anything. Don’t believe me? This is from an email I received from an acquaintance from town:

Did (Belly) tell you we saw her . . .last week? She was so cute — came up to me to say hello with a big hug, and a big hug goodbye too. She was talking to us about a lot of things (can’t remember specifics now, but I remember thinking she sure does enjoy a conversation!).
“She sure does enjoy a conversation!” This line still cracks me up.
Now, on to Jilly, my 4 year old. Lately, she looks like this in all her photos:
Why a monster pose? Not sure exactly. But she totally rocks the monster, dontcha think? However, I’m still a bit miffed over her yelling, “Mommy, you have two boobies and a big butt!” tonight as I was changing.

Finally, last but certainly not least, there is D. Only 2, but learning the ways of man. Case in point: last week, I was reading to the girls when it dawned on me that D. was no longer in the family room with us. It was also V-E-R-Y quiet. I jumped up and ran into the next room, the kitchen. I saw his little legs peeking out from behind the kitchen table; he was flat on his back.

For a moment, I was alarmed—worried that he had electrocuted himself or fallen back and hit his head on the air conditioning unit.

But, no. He was lying on his back, with his shorts pulled down to his knees, his diaper peeled back. . .and his hand on his manhood. Oh yes, let’s not forget the shit-eating grin on his face. Pure, unashamed bliss.

I took one look at him, turned away and said, “Yes, you are your father’s son”.


  1. They all sound like great kids :). It’s amazing how early those man-children learn how to find it and hang on, isn’t it…

  2. Whirlwind says

    Wow, where’s that grea twindmill in the first photo?

    My girls went through a phase where they all had to be making silly faces in ALL our photos.

    They are all ver ycute.

  3. Ah, kids. My son – who is now five – has finally released his near-constant strangehold on his manhood. So that was an annoying three years….

  4. My son is only 10 mos and he is starting to be totally entranced by his and his daddy’s manhood.
    Scary how young they start…

  5. Alpha DogMa says

    Here is a conversation I have forty times a day:

    Me: DangerBoy, get your hand out of your pants.
    DB: Why?
    Me: Your private parts are private. Do not touch your penis in public.
    DB: I just makin’ it comfortable. It all sticky-uppie.

    We is classy people.

  6. theotherbear says

    too funny.
    and hahaha at alpha dogma, i just spit my drink out when I read that!

  7. Ok. reading about D’s yanking is cute and funny. Did you have to bring J into it? I mean, EWWWWWW…

  8. Jess Riley says

    Ha! Very cute. My sister is expecting a boy (her first, and the first grandchild in the family–so exciting!) and I can’t wait to hear these kinds of stories!

  9. nuttnbunny says

    Ah yes. The joy of the manhood. When he was two Z called me into his room to say “Look Mama! My penis is a MOUNTAIN!!”

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