Waxing Sentimental about Wax Beans

Food, food, glorious food! Can you tell I have to fast tomorrow? (more on that later). Read my latest food-related post here.


  1. I predict that one day, years from now you’ll have an experience like mine the other day when I went shopping in a supermarket with my 8 yo. After a while of looking for certain foods not loaded with additives, miss smartypants(that would be my daughter) exclaimed “We’ve been in this place forever, but we can’t find any food!”

    So welcome to the CSA life, would you like some grassfed beef or raw milk with that?

  2. Fairly Odd Mother says

    OH! Big Mama, that is a great story. And, you know it—I’ve already started researching grassfed beef farms, and, if my oldest wasn’t allergic to milk, I’d consider the raw milk too!

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