Unforgettable, Maybe

I have often felt like the center of my children’s universe. Recently, I was knocked from center.

Belly just told me of this conversation she had with her younger sister, Jilly, when Fairly Odd Father and I went away for the weekend in July (our first trip away from the kids). The conversation took place after we had been gone for two days.

Jilly, “Do we have parents?”

Belly, “Yeah, and they’re coming home.”

Jilly, “Are their names George and Macaroni?”


  1. Hahahaha. And ouch.

  2. Well, do they like macaroni? 😉

  3. Bwahahahaha.

    We’re heading out for a week soon, I can’t wait to see what my kids come up with…

  4. Just Seeking says

    Ouch is right!
    But they forgive easily, yes?
    I signed up for Freecycle thanks to you. Here’s looking a cleaner garage! 🙂

  5. Yes, when you were away, we kept telling the children that if they didn’t pipe down, George and Macaroni weren’t coming back. Man, did they behave.

    (Oh, I’m not THAT bad…)

  6. Oh, The Joys says

    Oh, my gosh! You’re pasta!

  7. I don’t know why but I’m laughing hysterically over here.

    That was so amazing random.

  8. Mary Alice says

    Just stick a feather in my cap….and call me Macaroni?

  9. nuttnbunny says

    Makes me want to change my name to Macaroni.

  10. baby advice says

    kids are too funny. For them it is just out of sight out of mind, when all we do is focus on them! Yeah, ouch!

  11. o.m.g…that is TOO funny, lol!

  12. Wait – so which one is George?

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