You Have to Pay to Play

I’m playing a new game this week.
One of the nicest bloggers out there, nuttnbunny, got involved in Pay it Forward which is described as such:

“. . .a promise to make something handmade, a gift of the heart, for another blogger who is also a crafty person. We’re not talking about knitting a sweater or making a large quilt for someone, something small and meaningful would be fine, and probably provide a big boost when it surprises someone in the mail. . .The first three people that leave a comment and pledge to pay it forward to three others on their blog will receive a handmade gift from me within one year of this posting. I will read your blog and get the essence of who you are to come up with an idea. It may be knitted or quilted or embroidered or……”

I have loved seeing nuttnbunny’s creations for a while, so I signed right up. And, she picked me! Yippee! I can’t wait to see what she sends.

And, then I realized that I hadn’t really thought about the ‘small print’ in this contest. Sure, I’m happy to pay it forward, but. . .with what? I don’t knit, sew, decoupage, make jewelry, do origami, write music. . .my attempts at cake decorating are novice at best (plus, how would I mail a cake???) and I doubt too many people would want to receive baked goods from a relative stranger.

But, by golly, I will pay it forward! What you receive from me will be truly a surprise to both of us (and may take me the entire year to fulfill), but go ahead and leave a comment if you’d like to play. Rather than follow the rules to the letter, I’ll put all qualifying comments into a hat and draw three names from that. Remember that you must agree to also ‘pay it forward’ to three people on your blogs!

Also, thank you from the super-nice Whirlwind for bestowing another “Nice Matters” award to me. I really needed to hear that, so thank you!


  1. Blog Antagonist says

    What a lovely gesture! I love that about the blogosphere. Congrats on your award!

  2. What a great idea. I’ll play if it’s open to us furriners.

  3. Oh! That’s so much fun! If you want to ship to Canada, you can enter me in your contest.

  4. GREAT idea!!

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