Googling the Kids

“Have you tested the Googleability of your name?”

Alpha Dogma asked this question, and I was curious. What would I find when I first typed in my name and then the kids’ names (putting quotation marks around each name)?

There were a couple of surprises, such as the old Tripod website I had set up for Belly when she was born (and thought I had taken down).

And, I found this photo of Jilly and D:

The photo was taken by a community newspaper photographer at our CSA pickup spot. The CSA was celebrating local foods at a Family Fun Day; this little calf, Strawberry, came from a raw-milk dairy in the area.

I love the look on Jilly’s face, and the tiny “o” D is making with his mouth. And, I love Strawberry’s silent “moooooooooooo!”

Let me know if you find anything of interest when you Google yourself.


  1. cape buffalo says

    What an adorable shot! When I google my name, I come up with a prominent NCAA athlete and, of course, a porn star.

    Hooray for me.

  2. It appears that I’m a renowned author, scholar and bimb with a MySpace page.

    Man, I shoulda kept my maiden name.

  3. Alpha DogMa says

    That photo is awesome! Jilly’s expression says so much.

    I was relieved that neither of my kids share names with porn stars nor murderers.

  4. I love that picture!

    I’ve tried googling us but we don’t come up, and I’m just fine with that :-).

  5. That is the best picture! What a great thing to find googling…

    I’ll give it a shot myself.

  6. I get this annoying article that a grad student wrote about me for our alumni pub right as like the 3rd google hit. I hate it because all the facts are wrong and it makes it seem like I lied about my resume – I cringe anytime anyone tells me they came across it.

  7. Just Seeking says

    I have googled myself before and found nothing very interesting—my master’s thesis, another publication I wrote while working at a bioethics firm, and I think that’s it. Boring. I had never googled my kids before you suggested it though but I didn’t find anything on them—I’m guessing that’s good, yes?

  8. Wendy Hawksley says

    Mostly I get my own postings on genealogy site, my Witchvox postings, and assorted Pagany stuff.

    When I google my son’s name, I get two things. One is my posting about a DNA surname project; the other is some silly MySpace page.

    Terribly thrilling.

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