Hanging on to Reality by a Thread

I sat down to do a craft with my girls yesterday just as Jilly, my four-year old, skipped out of the room.

Me: “Where is Jilly going?”

Belly: “Oh, to watch TV with Soup.”

Me: “Soup????”

Belly: “Yeah, it’s her imaginary friend. She has three: Soup, Spoon and Cup.”

Me: “Oh???”

Belly: “The first time I met them, I was like, ‘I’ll bake you some soup’, and Jilly said, ‘NO!’ because that was her friend, so I said, ‘OK, I won’t bake your friend’.

. . .silence. . .

Me: “Jilly’s had many imaginary friends. I don’t think you’ve ever had any.”

Belly: “Oh, I have hundreds of imaginary friends. I just don’t see them very often because they live in California. We write to each other on secret email sometimes.”


  1. suburbancorrespondent says

    Well, at least you don’t have to worry about them visiting a lot.

  2. Your daughters are brilliant. Especially Jilly who maybe is reading Tom Robbins under the covers at night.

    (*Jitterbug Perfume has characters named Can of Beans, Wooden Spoon…)

  3. ROFLMAO. I love it. Very creative, both of them.

  4. Blog Antagonist says

    That. Is so cute. Both of them. I love imaginary friends.

  5. nuttnbunny says

    Luckily, it’s a thread with great tensile strength!

  6. AnotherMomCreation says

    Ahhhh, I read once that imaginary friends are a sign of extreme intelligence….

  7. Secret e-mail? Sign me up!

    At least you’re in no danger of every offering to cook up a bunch of Californians…

  8. my kid doesn’t have any imaginary friends, i feel robbed.

  9. Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life says

    What interesting little people you have at your house. And what interesting little people they have at your house, too.

  10. Alex Elliot says

    I love that they’re from CA!

  11. Life As I Know It says

    Isn’t it so funny to hear what goes through their heads?
    Some very creative kids you have! Definitely a sign of intelligence!

  12. Alpha DogMa says

    Secret email? Imaginary friends? Are you sure she doesn’t already have her own blog?

    A Figment of Your Imagination.

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