When Regifting is Acceptable

The stockings are no longer hung by the chimney with care (they are crumpled on the floor with little gifts strew about them), and St. Nicholas is long gone, but I’m in a giving mood.
A little while ago, the ever-so-thoughtful and kind Robin gave me this award:

I now want to regift this award to some people and have decided to select the ten people who made a comment to my last post. This post was about my dad’s death which is never a fun topic; it also comes at a time of the year when most of us are in full “chicken-with-heads-cut-off” mode; the fact that you not only took the time to read my post, but to also comment, is so very appreciated.

So, Another Mom Creation, Tree, Robin (I can give this to you, right?), Summer, Mary Alice, Mrs. Chicky, Oh, The Joys, Shannon, Blog Antagonist and Mrs. Q (get a blog already, won’t you?): thank you all for your kind words, your support and your virtual hugs. I cannot adequately express how much they meant to me, so let me just pass on the shiny pink “I’m Fabulous Award” for you to proudly show off for all to see.

OK, off to eat more Christmas cookies and little chocolate balls. I’ll even raise my glass of eggnog to toast you all.


  1. Oh, The Joys says

    How do you get him to dip the balls in chocolate?


    xo – thanks for the fabulousness. Right back atcha!

  2. Oh thank you! My first blogging award! I see you getting them all the time but am new to this blogging thing so don’t know how they all work but I feel honored! 🙂

  3. i keep thinking of The State and “i’m gonna dip my balls in it!”

    thanks for the award. i shall brag about it proudly on my co-blog, where it’s not quirky enough to be appropriate, but who cares!

  4. WHat a great award to pass on. I’m sure they won’t mind the re-gifting 😛

  5. Aww, thank you very much!

  6. Mrs. Chicky says

    Aw shucks, you think i’m fabulous? No, YOU’RE fabulous. Too too fabu. Mwah.

  7. *smooch*

  8. Thanks. (((hugs)))

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