Getting Political

I am talking about the Presidential candidates and their views on homeschooling over at New England Mamas today.


  1. Just Seeking says

    I went over to your NEMamas site and read some of the comments. I agree with the commenter that said that while the Dems might not specifically say anything about homeschooling, none of them appear to have done anything that would undermine homeschooling. And at the same time, the Reps have certainly implemented many programs or supported policies that specifically undermine our public education—which we vastly need.

  2. Fairly Odd Mother says

    I couldn’t vote for a Republican at this time no matter what they say about homeschooling! My goal was to see what Democrat has addressed the issue and how they’ve responded. Some people are actually hostile about the practice of homeschooling which makes me laugh since we pay taxes for the public schools and don’t even use up the resources. (we even voted for a tax increase to pay for our schools to be renovated)

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