Philanthropy Thursday: Found Treasure

Do you remember that scene in Mommie Dearest when Joan Crawford is seen screaming “NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!” at her terrified daughter? Well, that was me, minus the wire, the screaming and the pasty skin.

I was organizing the girls’ closet and decided to get rid of all the plastic hangers that came with the clothes—you know, the ones with “3T” on a tab at the top. Somehow, I thought that by using uniform hangers throughout, I would achieve some sort of closet-organization zen.

But, then I looked down and saw dozens of unworthy plastic hangers. What to do with them?

On the off chance that someone may want/need them, I decided to post an “Offer” on Freecycle (a site I have already written of lovingly here). I then started to receive emails from people who knew something I did not know. There was a local non-profit that wanted and needed my plastic hangers; these kind souls would even pick them up and deliver them for me!

The group is called Keeping Pace with Multiple Miracles, and they offer services to Massachusetts parents of multiples such as support groups, a monthly newsletter and a re-sale children’s boutique. My hangers would go to the boutique instead of a landfill.

My point in writing about this is that, with a little searching, you may be surprised to find an organization who wants your extras, who needs your extras. An extra package of diapers? Party plates and decor from your son’s first birthday? The Winnie the Pooh room decorations your daughter has outgrown? Unopened baby food? Used sporting equipment? Board books?

It may seem like a lot of work to find homes for these items, but often it takes no more than a Google search and a car ride to turn your piles of stuff into found treasure.


  1. Mrs. Chicky says

    I know what I’ll be doing this afternoon now.

  2. AnotherMomCreation says

    That is so wonderful! I am going to put all ours together for them as well.

    And you are right, you do get some sort of Zen like feeling from uniform hangers in your closet.

  3. Her Bad Mother says

    Where’d you get that picture of me?

  4. I never would have thought of that.

  5. Mary Alice says

    What a great way to make use of something you no longer find useful. Love it. Thanks for the idea.

  6. What a cool idea. I have never heard of that — until now. THANKS for that info.

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