Walk, Walk, As Fast As You Can, You Can’t Catch Me. . .

FINALLY, I got to 10,000 steps! And, it was not even thanks to any “real” exercise (although, “thank you” to Wendy for recommending Leslie Sansone’s DVDs which have been fun so far).

Now, how does one get to 10,000 steps in one day? Follow this program:

  • Walk up and down stairs of two-story home at least 50 times to retrieve a sock, answer the phone (which has always been left on the other floor), use the bathroom (our two upstairs toilets were out-of-commission—don’t ask), and break up petty arguments.
  • Take kids to gymnastics and, while girls are having their class, run around with three-year-old son playing catch and tag.
  • Shovel front and back walkways and porches of rapidly melting snow.
  • Drop oldest at Brownies and take two younger kids to the giant “SUPER”market in town. Walk from one end to the other picking up ten things.
  • Vacuum first floor while kids have ‘movie night’. Stop to eat popcorn in between rooms.

If you, too, follow this plan, you can reach 10,114 steps as I did. Now, how in the world do I do this again without collapsing from exhaustion?

Got more time? I have a post on New England Mamas about trying to protect my kids in this big, bad world of ours.


  1. Good for you – you inspired me to track my steps too. I borrowed my Dad’s pedometer and didn’t even get close to the 10,000!

    Also I read your other entry and I agree with you about that book…it just makes so much sense of what he is saying. The other thing that really stuck with me from that book is to tell your kids if they get separated from us to look for a Mommy with kids first for help.

  2. Mrs. Chicky says

    Okay, now I’m REALLY tired.

    But congratulations!

  3. Mary Alice says

    You wore me out just reading that, woman!

  4. Just Seeking says

    Congrats! I still have yet to get a pedometer. It’s on my list though. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Wendy Hawksley says

    Aw! Great job! Congratulations on your 10,000 steps. It is easy to get with focus, but sometimes happens without you even realizing it. 🙂

  6. Alpha DogMa says

    Good job on your 10K. Way to lead by example!

    Can you email me about homeschooling? I’m looking for some reading material, specifically about homeschooling from a secular perspective. I’m alpha”DOT”dogma”AT”gmail”DOT”com.

  7. AnotherMomCreation says

    Congratulations! I knew you’d do it sooner rather than later!

    You are a very active momma, so it only stands to reason that this is what you get! OVER 10,000 steps! YAhoo!

  8. So…are you saying sending my toddler up and down the stairs 50 times per day to take something up or bring something down for me will not help me reach my 10,000 steps a day? Perhaps I should put a pedometer on him and be proud of his accomplishments!

    Congrats on yours – now…go take a nap!

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