Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow, Part II

Before I get into my next stage of “hair confusion” (to see the first stage, click here), let me see if I can convince you to look at something else instead. . .


First, I signed myself up to participate in Neil Kramer’s (of
Citizen of the Month fame) Great Interview Experiment. The gracious, kind and intelligent Mocha Momma was selected to interview me. When I found out that she is High School Administrator, I thought, “Oh, terrific, she gets to interview the homeschooling mother-freak!”

But, I hate to disappoint anyone who was hoping for some sort of “School versus Homeschool Mom Death Match” , because she was wonderful! Her questions were fun to answer and hopefully give her readers (who are thinking, “who the heck is that loser in a prom gown?”) a good picture of who I am. You can find the interview here.


Next, I’m over at
New England Mamas talking about some great in-home birthday party ideas for the rugrats. “Great” meaning: not a lot of money or prep time needed, yet fun for the age group in mind.


Oh, you are still here? Well, I have something for you.

When I last left you in Bad-Hair Land, I was looking pretty bleached and fluffy. Slowly, I started to wean myself from the peroxide and even started going shorter:

What a vixen, eh?

Looks like I slept with my hair rolled in Coke cans.

Still not ready to show off my ears. But, my hair is less filling!

At the end of my last post, I said I’d share a photo from my perm days. Those days are actually much earlier than this series of photos, but a promise is a promise. So here I am, circa 1986:

Funny how I dressed older at 21 than I do now. . .


  1. I had that perm! Well, mine was actually worse because the hairdresser actually totally screwed up and fried it. I looked like a poodle when I walked out of the salon. I was in 8th grade (1983) and it took more than 6 months to get rid of. I don’t think I ever permed my hair again.

  2. Oh god, the perm days. I’m trying to wipe mine permanently out of my memory! *gasp, shudder*

    Yours is tame by comparison.

  3. I dressed like a complete goober when I was 21. And my hair was sort of beyond description, really.
    Gosh, you’re brave…

  4. I’ll just say I’m glad I met you at 25, and not 21.

    And that Gunne Sax! Holy cow.

  5. I like the less filling hair. I dressed older when I was younger too….maybe I should say more professionally…since I am no hootchie, just casual.

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