Impressionable Kids

The girls have been into paper dolls lately. Almost every day, a piece of paper is thrust at me with the command, “I need a Mommy, a Daddy, a little boy and a little girl”, or “five little girls in ballet clothes”.

It takes me just a few minutes to complete my job. I’ve been drawing these dolls since I was eight. My sister and I used to sit in our family room and draw a family of dolls along with clothing, beds and pets. Once every thing was created, colored, cut out and ready to play, we got bored with them.

Here I am, a few decades later, still drawing dolls. And, despite having almost no artistic talent whatsoever, my girls think that I am the Doll Master.

The other day, as I started another one of my familiar drawings (head shaped like a funnel, skinny arms, mom dressed like a Puritan), Jilly breathed, “You are the BEST draw-er ever, Mommy”.

Big sister Belly looked over and commented, “Yeah, but she isn’t as good as Monet, though”.

My work:
Monet’s work:


  1. You just made me burst out laughing on a day when I really needed it.

    Thank you.

  2. I never could figure our how your moms walk. Maybe that’s so they can’t run away?

  3. Well, no. But you’re still a good sport.

  4. Life As I Know It says

    Excellent paper dolls!

    I spend my days making paper airplanes…

  5. Alpha DogMa says

    I spend my day having various appendages sliced off by Jedi Knights. Then I must lie there writhing in pain until a medical droid fixes me.

    Yeah, you’re no Monet BUT your work is appreciated while your still alive so you’ve got most of the old masters beat.

    Your girls are so cute! And clever!

  6. Jedi Knights? Medical droids? Now T-H-A-T is good parenting. Paperdolls?!? weak.

    My hat’s off to you Alpha D.

  7. SuburbanCorrespondent says

    But it’s close. He just makes better use of color, don’t you think?

  8. Too funny! Certainly not as creative as yours, but still lots of fun - – M plays with these all the time and there are a ton of clothes you can mix and match with various attire. There are also small clear reusable stickers to keep the clothes from falling off.

  9. Just Seeking says

    I think you’re better than Monet!

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