Thankfully, I Do Not Embarrass Easily

Want to see a really embarrassing photo of me? Check this out.


  1. Oh the memories!! I had that same dress 🙂 Eighth grade graduation dance, date Joe Sadowski, sigh, that does bring back memories. I do not still have the dress though, you must a mind like a steel trap because I would have never remembered Gunne Sack but you brought back all those memories. My dress had little pink french knot type polka dots all over it how about yours?

  2. Oh my Holy Mary Mother of Jesus!!! That explains ALOT about your freshman year in college 🙂

  3. AnotherMomCreation says

    Wow, I had to squint to make sure that was you.

    I love learning new things about you!

    Gosh, my first dress was oh so late 80’s and trashy….. I wish I could find that picture.

  4. Just Seeking says

    Now that is funny!! I think I had the same dress! (and glasses!)

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