My little guy, D, will be moving on soon, and I’m all verklempt. Read all about it here.


  1. We made the move ourselves just after Christmas and Hailey really loves her new room and bed. She plays in there all the time and loves having her own space. I did miss her a little the first few nights as she was great to cuddle with, but I now love having my pillow all to myself. BTW, love the picture of your oldest baby. 🙂

  2. What a lovely post. I used to think you were completely ape-sh**. Then came Phe… Sometimes the only way she sleeps well is snuggled between us, Jamie snoring in her ear.

    We thank you for the crib. Now if only #2 would dig it and I could get some sleep…

  3. Alpha DogMa says

    Co-sleeping is only an option if you don’t snore, kick, and talk in your sleep. I am quite the catch, doncha think? Also the dog has laid claim to the bottom third of the bed and she snores, kicks, talks AND barks in her sleep.

    That photo of Belly (?? I’m guessing) was so sweet!

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