Easter, Interrupted

Me, not quite 2, but quite sure I don’t want to be on this rabbit’s lap

There is a reason I do not host Easter in my home:

Easter 2004: Home with a vomiting and feverish baby Jilly-bean. Send Fairly Odd Father & a 2-year-old Belly to Easter dinner.

Easter 2005: Home with my infant D who is feverish and sad. My sister picks up Belly & Jilly and brings them to Easter dinner since FOF is visiting parents in Florida.

And, now, Easter 2008: I already know that D will not be able to make it to Easter festivities. He is running a high fever, not eating, and pretty miserable. This year, FOF will stay home with him, while I watch the girls eat their weight in candy.

At least there are no major holidays to celebrate for a while after this.

(Easter morning update: D. is still running a fever but is in a great mood. The girls are in seventh heaven since breakfast has consisted of all the candy they want to eat. So far, so good.)

If you like IKEA like I like IKEA, you can read my ideas here for how to turn a store into a playground.
And, if you have older kids, check out this site that was started by one of my fellow New England Mamas, along with some other great writing moms. The focus is on parenting teens and young adults—boy am I glad I have some years before I’m dealing with a teenager!


  1. SuburbanCorrespondent says

    Yes, count your blessings…

  2. Hope D is feeling better.

  3. www.prayingforparker.com says

    Well, at least this Easter didn’t include puking, eh? So you experiencing an upward trend. 🙂

    Hope D is feeling better!

  4. Alex Elliot says

    Hopefully D is feeling better and the girls enjoyed their candy.

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