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Ever on the lookout for things to do in my spare time, I signed up for Citizen of the Month’s Great Interview Experiment. Each person who signs up becomes both interviewee and interviewer. I’ve already shown you what happened when I was interviewee. Now, I get to show you what happens when I get a hold of the microphone and have all the control.

Meet Going Like Sixty who is, like, 60. He is a funny, opinionated and happily married Baby Boomer who also happens to be a professional haikuer!

Why do you blog? (and, Happy Anniversary on your one year blogging!)
I blog to release my inner smart ass (and thank you).

Do you still respond to everyone who comments?
I try to respond to everyone, I will put them in my RSS to test to see if they keep my interest, and comment on their blog. I often cruise WordPress tags to see what’s out there.

Do people who know you in real life know about your blog (meaning neighbors,co-workers, distant relatives)?
Yes people around me know I blog. They don’t care, they don’t read me. I also have blog cards that I pass out to acquaintances who I think might read blogs.

Other than mommy bloggers, what other ‘group’ of bloggers bugs you the most?
Mommy bloggers don’t really bug me as much as people who whine about school or their life. Also sick people blogging. I have yet to read a sick blogger’s post all the way through. I have a couple of great mommy bloggers in my blog roll because they write funny stuff which may or
may not include their kids.

I love the diversity of my blogging buddies: redneck diva, lesbians, black women, white men, Irish, Canadians, rural, urban, suburban, professional, unemployed, moms, dads. I just would not have the chance to know these people otherwise.

I wish lurkers would once in a while reveal what they are thinking. It is always more fun when more people get in on conversation.

How did you end up in Kentucky? I know very little about this state; could you tell me what you like the best about it? Where else have you lived? Do you miss Michigan?
My job brought me to the Sunbelt. I love the weather and scenery. I absolutely do not miss Michigan and its one week of summer (the week of July 4th).

How did you end up with four dogs?
Ha, I just said that last night. Nancy wanted a lap dog. The first dog was runt of the litter, but grew to 65 lbs, next was shit zoo 20 lbs is a lot for lap. Third was just a total whim, he’s 20lbs. She has always wanted a Yorkie, we ended up with Yorkie Maltese mix. 5 lbs.

You wrote about A&W Root beer in a post, and now I can’t get the memory of it of from my head. If you could bring back a few favorite products from the past, what would they be? What products do you wish would go away?
Not a product, but I wish Coke still came in 16 oz. bottles. 12 in cans just isn’t the same and 2 liter plastic is too bulky. Go away: Viagra and the ilk–then the commercials would go away too.

Other than your love of green M&M’s, what do you think of this ‘going green’ movement?
I like it. I’m not a freak about it, but we have put CFL bulbs in our house. But I drive a gas guzzler. I love some of the new building designs that are being done in Dubai and the middle east. Unfortunately they are the only ones that have the money – which came from us using so much oil.

Politically, my dad went from being “Mr Independent” to “Right of Attila the Hun” (his words) as he got older. Have your political beliefs changed as you’ve gotten older?
I campaigned for Nixon in college. I have marched in anti-war (Iraq)and have become more left leaning in the past decade with Bush in White House.

One of your forecasts for ’08 was that you’d perform an act of civil disobedience. Please name a couple of things that could get you riled up enough to do this.
Oh hell, anything: new stop signs where there shouldn’t be one, dumb speed limits, etc. I would get arrested for protesting more restriction of civil rights. ie: marshal law after a disaster.

What major U.S. tragedy has had the biggest impact on your life? War in Viet Nam. I didn’t know anyone that died, I didn’t go, but the turmoil it caused had an impact. Also, Kent State murders by National Guard still piss me off, and I can’t watch documentary without blood pressuring rising.

The Godfather is your favorite movie but how do you feel about the sequels? Do you hope that a “IV” will someday be made? Did you see the Superbowl commercial by Audi that mimicked the horse-in-the-bed scene?
All the sequels were great too. III was the weakest because of Sophia (sp) Coppola. Girl cannot act! I would go see IV if it was made, but I’m OK if there is none. I think commercials that imitate movies/music/television from decades ago are lame and uncreative. The latest is Mr. Bill for Subway!

Are you a little bit country, or a little bit rock and roll (I loved the Donny & Marie show too)?
My music taste is eclectic (I did do a blog post on what was in my CD player) and I lurvs Pandora.com Because it will play from any genre of music. Techno, Classical, Metal, I think my jukebox has at least a dozen genres.

And, your blog is the first place I heard that Paige Davis (Page) was FIRED from TLC! What!??! Did you ever hear why?
Paige was fired because the new owners wanted to go in a different direction.

Which celebrity do you wish would disappear from this planet?
Celebrities are that way because somebody likes that stuff. I don’t care what happens to them.

Anything else?
I tried to join blogher.org and was “that” close to being in, but they decided not to allow men. I met a wonderful woman blogger who works for blogher.org and her daughter is a founder.

Also, I tried to get Boomergirl.com to use me in their “men’s room” but never heard back from them. I’m still hoping she will contact me, so I can tell her to buzz off.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and come up with some good questions.


  1. Jozet at Halushki says

    That was a wonderful interview!

    I keep forgetting that we mommy bloggers don’t rule the world…well, maybe we do 😉 …but I’m always thrilled to expand my reading horizons. I’ll go check out the blog right now.

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