Good God, They Multiply?

Jilly (my little Superhero) just had her 5-year checkup today. Her kind, patient pediatrician slowly checked her over, looking in her ears, her nose and her throat.

He then asked her to lie back on the exam table. She stretched out, her feet pushing against her little brother, D, who was sitting on the table too, bundled up in the blue winter coat he insists on wearing—zipped to the “tippity top”— even on sunny spring days.

Dr. H. then made a big deal with Jilly about “counting her belly buttons”.

“When you were four, we only counted one belly button. How many will we find now that you are five?”

I heard her giggle, and then I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. It was D. He was silently, frantically struggling with his coat, trying to lift it up over his belly.

He was trying to count his belly buttons.


  1. Blog Antagonist says

    Now that is a good doctor. How many did he have? And, was he hot?

  2. Ha! I can just imagine D trying to check his belly button!
    Too funny!

  3. Poor little man!

  4. Keep that doctor. Don’t advise your friends to go to him because they’ll love him and he’ll get so busy he won’t fit you in!

    I kid! I kid!

    He sounds like a keeper, though. Cute story!

  5. Oh how funny!

  6. womaninawindow says

    Good doctor. Glad your littlest got his parts all sorted out! I miss this age!

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