It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s. . .

. . .Super Jilly!

My sister wrote the following when she sent me a copy of this photo:

“We decided that (jilly’s) super powers would be her ability to wield candy as a weapon: shooting gumballs and marshmallows to knock down the bad guys and then tying them up with licorice.”

Dedicated to a very special someone in our lives who needs a little super power right now.

C’mon and see what is happening in our quiet little suburb. . .


  1. nuttnbunny says

    You should ask Jilly for fashion help. Decidedly unfrump.


  2. A most excellent super power, and a cutie to boot.

  3. Alpha DogMa says

    You forgot one of her super powers: Making people swoon with a single knowing smile.

    What a cutie.

  4. womaninawindow says

    But there’s no defeating evil doers willing to eat bonbon in mid-air! Yikes. I worry for her safety.

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