But, Really, You’ve Never Looked Better!

At the Fairly Odd dinner table tonight, as we celebrate Oma’s (my mom’s) 65th birthday:

Oma (talking to her grandchildren), “Look; there is a six and a five on my cake!”

Jilly (5-year-old grandchild), “Wow. I thought you’d be dead by now!”

Please pass the wine.


  1. Whirlwind says

    That’s too funny.

    At my mom’s last party, Einey sang:

    I don’t know but I’ve been told,
    someone here is getting old.
    Happy, Happy, Birthday
    Birthday, To you!

    She was 57.

  2. Gah! Good thing grandmothers tend to like their grandkids, huh?

  3. Ah, kids. My son asked me if I was 100 the other day. Um, no.

  4. Alpha DogMa says

    Tooooooo funny! I can’t wait to be a grandmother — seems like a lot of fun. Insults, aside.

  5. Ah, that’s awesome! You totally cracked me up.

  6. Gak! Hope your mom has a good sense of humor LOL.

  7. I remember asking my grandmother once how old she was and I think she said 60 something and I had a look of horror on my face and said “you could die!”

  8. Ah, Jilly.

    She will never write for Hallmark.

    (Hmmm… I may write that in birthday cards from now on!)

  9. Pendullum says

    Ahh, a ‘special moment’ between Jilly and Oma…
    Kids are the gift that just keep on giving!

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