I Should’ve Just Used Amazon

We had a jam-packed weekend, and all in all, the kids were exceptionally well-behaved throughout. However, since all good things must come to an end, we were bound to crash and burn today at the bookstore.

Why do I think going to a bookstore is going to turn out well with three small children? Unlike the library, where they can pretty much pick out anything they want, at a store, where I have to PAY for the items, I am less likely to agree with their decision to select a thrilling SpongeBob SquarePants tale or Barbie Princess anthology.

Somehow I was able to steer D away from the truck books with plots that read as follows: “Truck, Digger, Plow, Tractor”. Instead, he picked out two other truck books, but at least these were written by someone I like and not the Tonka company.

After we piled up our books (I use “our” loosely since they lasted all of 30 seconds outside of the children’s section, so I did not pick out anything) and took them to the register, I got to endure the fun of waiting in line with children.

When it was our turn, D balked at handing me the books. As he protested, I told him, “OK, just put them on the counter so that we can pay for them.” As the unsmiling sales person leaned over to start scanning our other items, he threw his books with a bit too much gusto. They sailed past her ear and over the other side of the counter where they landed on the ground at her feet.

Sorry, other homeschooling families. I am afraid we did not represent well today.


  1. Alpha DogMa says

    Now that is some goooooooood customer service. HA!

  2. SuburbanCorrespondent says

    I bet you used your homeschooler discount card, too.

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