Wednesday, I did something I wasn’t sure I could do. I stayed off the computer for a day (almost). Other than a quick first-thing-in-the-morning check of my mail, there was (almost) no:

reading my Yahoo! email,
checking for Inbox mail (which handles my blog mail),
reading blogs,
searching for the reason why my mountain laurels look like crap,
looking up a word on dictionary.com (I used a real printed dictionary from our bookcase),
shopping for my sister’s birthday gift or Father’s Day gift,
grabbing a recipe
finding out the weather (had to turn on the radio).

Given that we were home until about 4pm, this is quite a feat for me. I don’t spend all day with my nose in a laptop, but I have a hard time walking by one of our two computers (upstairs and downstairs) without checking my mail or looking up something (which inevitably turns into ‘looking up something else’).

Let’s see if this becomes a weekly thing, or if I can cut back gradually in general.

In other news, my sister-in-law arrives today from Florida, and we are all terribly excited to see her. Her visit was planned ages ago, when we thought she’d be planning her September wedding, not dealing with this. If anyone needs some inspiration, come by and see how strong the human spirit is in dealing with life-altering events.

Oh, and she is bringing her wii, so I may be out of commission for a few days. Tennis, anyone?


  1. SabrinaT says

    Have a good visit! Hope all is well. I try and stay off the computer, it never works out that way.

  2. I am sure visiting with all of you will be just what she needs.

    I go through withdrawals without my computer!

  3. I too find it hard to tear myself away from the computer, and yet there I tiimes I don’t even want to open the darned tootin’ thing…go figure.

    Enjoy your visit!!

  4. I find if I shut the computer down it’s easier to steer clear…all that booting up and stuff takes awhile and patience is not my strong suit.

    She’s bringing her Wii from Florida? Too funny. Glad she’s doing well.

  5. Well wishes during the visit – I know how excited you all are to see her. And good job on the computer. I’m going to be right behind you this Sunday and Monday. No keyboard, laptop or monitor in my presence! Hugs.

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