Have You Been Half Asleep, and Have You Heard Voices

My grandmother lived on the banks of a pond, and I’d visit her every summer, often spending several nights sleeping in her small home with my family. One of my favorite sounds was the call of the bullfrog who we called Charlie.

My grandmother died when I was in my young 20’s, but I lived in her house after she died so that it wouldn’t fall into disrepair. Charlie was out there every summer night, singing his song.

My mom lives there now and although it’s been a while since I’ve spent the night (she lives only 20 minutes away, so we just make day trips), I would know Charlie’s song anywhere.

Which is why I stopped dead in my tracks when I entered my bathroom late tonight and heard his familiar song outside my window. A bull frog. Outside my window. In the suburbs.

I hope he sticks around.


  1. Alpha DogMa says

    Is it possible that Charlie is stalking you?

  2. Totally needed that song stuck in my head, thanks.

    Lots of the time – and I mean this, not being sarcastic – I enjoy being hard of hearing. I can tune out kids’ bickering, not hear coworkers gossiping, sleep through the night, etc. But I can’t hear peepers or bullfrogs at night, even when I’m told they’re singing their hearts out. And I’d like to.

  3. I had a similar but differetn expierence. After my grandfather died (he lived in South Florida), I was hopping in a grocery store. Now you have to remember that my grandfather worked in a pakcing house and they pulled corn. There is a distinct smell to a packing house and we all know what corn smells like.

    I was shopping with my other grandmother and I had this intense smell of wet corn slap me in the face. I was transported back 20 years to when I was a little kid. I stopped and looked around, for we were in the produce department, and low and behold, not one ear of corn was to be found. The corn was not there, but my grandfather was.

  4. We have little peepers and I hear them all night – peep, peep, peep.

  5. TraceyTreasure says

    That is sooooo cool! Your post gave me goosebumps this morning. I hope he sticks around too. But only his voice brings you comfort. Hugs!

  6. He might’ve stowed away in your bag this weekend because last week I heard what sounded like a HUGE bullfrog over near your mom’s.

    I think he missed you.

  7. creative-type dad says

    Weird – I’m listening to the frogs outside right now.

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