Maybe Blowing Out 41 Candles Would be a Bad Idea

Nothing says “Happy Birthday You Old Bag” quite like going to the Asthma Doctor for a check up, taking a breathing test and finding out your “lung age” is 63.

But, don’t feel too badly about my Pity Party. I did get to bring home a goody bag:

(all kidding aside, it was a damn good day; I’ll do 41 more without hesitation)


  1. Her Bad Mother says

    Happy birthday, you old bag.

    (said with love, of course)

  2. TooheyMomster says

    Happy Birthday

  3. SabrinaT says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!~ So does this mean you get the senior discount. Can you get your lungs an AARP card?
    I do don’t want to know what my lung age is!

  4. Happy birthday!

    At least the not having to blow out 41 candles thing means you won’t have to risk setting off the smoke alarms ;-).

  5. I’ll be sure we leave the candles off the cake on Saturday 🙂 Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  6. I have a wind capacity of 63, too. Only it’s prolly coming from the other end. Ooof.

    Happy Birthday.

  7. I’ll be 46 in august and my goody bag has 3 times the items your does – all for breathing.

    But I’ll take 46 more years just the same.

    Happy Birthday!!

  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. Life As I Know It says

    Happy Birthday!

  10. Cristina says

    Happy, happy Birthday!

  11. Happy birthday, indeed! And better to be wheezing at 41 than to skip the breathing part altogether, methinks…

  12. Anonymous says

    Your Dr shouldn’t have told you that. Now what, are you supposed to feel better knowing your lungs are in their 60’s? I would find a new Dr. who wasn’t a jackass Happy Birthday indeed.

  13. Fairly Odd Mother says

    Hi Anon, Don’t worry, my doctor isn’t that much of a cad. They have a computer system that handles the breathing test and I saw the monitor that had my ‘lung age’ listed. When I brought it up with the doctor, she actually said, “Oh, don’t worry about that! It just tells us that we aren’t managing your asthma very well!” I go back in 6 weeks so they can see how these new drugs are doing. Hopefully, I’ll be a ‘spry’ 41 by then.

  14. The Cooking Lady says

    I hated my thirties, but I kicking A in my forties! Long live women in their forties!

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