Well. . .At Least She Tells the Truth

Today, Fairly Odd Father installed a reading light above Belly’s bed.

Jilly just came downstairs, stood next to me and announced:

“I was trying to turn the light off, when it magically fell.”
“Well. . .I was touching it.”
“Well. . .I pushed it.”


  1. Whirlwind says

    Wow, things “magically” happen here as well.

    Or Moe’s new one “maybe a stranger came in the house and did it”.

  2. Alpha DogMa says

    So was she pushing it via her magic powers? Is her real name Hermione?

  3. My kids would be like “I pushed it BUT I DIDN’T MEAN IT!”
    We are big into motivations here, apparently.

  4. It magically fell when she pushed it. Ha!

  5. AnotherMomCreation says

    Love it!
    We were just talking about a little reading light for 7. Hmmmm…. maybe we should get one that can’t be magically pushed?

  6. All the while mom stands there with her arms crossed saying nothing!

  7. I always loved hearing – “my big brother made me do it.” This, from an only child!

  8. Love the guilty conscience. 🙂

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