What Have I Started?

My oldest daughter, Belly, now has a blog (sorry, private and by invite only). Fortunately, she is only seven and spells for crap. So, at least for now, I will be helping her as she sits and slowly types in her deepest thoughts. I’m sure at some point, she will be hiding in her room and typing all sorts of lies about me and what I have refused to let her do.

Payback is a bitch.


I was feeling nostalgic on New England Mamas and decided to relive a few of my favorite New England Concert memories.


  1. Bwahahaha. Blogging, The Next Generation. I love it.

  2. My oldest has sighed wistfully that she would luv her own blog.
    LUV it.
    Sadly, she can’t spell either.

  3. TraceyTreasure says

    My oldest and middle daughters “Air” blog. They have a laptop but they don’t have internet access so they have pretend blogs. I think it’s funny! Some people might not but I don’t care. At least they don’t have imaginary friends! 🙂 And, they are learning how to type!!


  4. Wow – and I have issues letting my 9.5 year old have email – I locked it down so only me, dad, and grandparents can send her anything.
    Your daughter will definitely improve her typing skills.

  5. AnotherMomCreation says

    Well I am in the stoneage for sure, my daughter likes to write in a journal. With pencil. And until recently she would tell me what to write and I would write it for her. Now she writes it but invites me to read it. She is proud of what she writes. I am proud of her for writing. I found she’s even written a couple of stories.

    Either way, that is very cool!

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