The End of the Secrets

For you New Englanders, check out
New England Mamas‘ series on Secret Spaces—we’re just wrapping things up tonight and will be selecting one commenter to win some prizes from us women.

I’ve written about my favorite spot in the world, and also the place I go to get dirty.

I ate delicious lobster rolls on the Cape and then got my informant to tell all about where they were sold. She was fearful that the Cape Cod Mafia may come after her, but I scoffed. Cape Cod Mafia? What would they do? Slice her with a razor clam? Tie her up in whale-embroidered belt? She saw the light.

Finally, I also passed on info on a couple of playgrounds that another friend was also not afraid to share.

Hope you get a chance to visit.

(and, by the way, does my formatting look screwy to you? hope to get that fixed someday. . .)


  1. Okay but did she tell you knowing that you have a blog? Because that’s different.

    Meanwhile the best lobster rolls are at Reds in Maine – Wiscosett I think. If you know better, I’m in.

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