Boys Don’t Make Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses

My Dad used to say the rhyme above, probably hoping that his oldest daughter would not become a trollop, and that I’d always wear big coke-bottle glasses.


Sorry, Daddy, I got contacts at 16.

Earlier this week, I took Belly to the eye doctor. She had been complaining that the letters in books were hard to see. Turns out, she does have a slight farsightedness issue and could use reading glasses. So, I took her down to the neighborhood store to pick out some frames.

Before we left, I talked to her about her friends who wore glasses. I even showed her the girl I think of when I think “coolest little glasses wearer”.

That was it. She wanted glasses, and she wanted them now.

The frames she picked were way cooler than anything I ever wore as a child. And, they are pink, natch. Silly things cost as much as my glasses, and I have a sinking feeling she will misplace them in a month. I almost wish she needed them all the time because at least they’d be more likely to be on her face than “oh, where did I leave them”?

But, now maybe, just maybe, reading won’t be such a chore for her. Even if the effect is minimal and the letters’ clarity is more in her imagination, I’m hopeful this will be the trick.

But, Daddy, she quite possibly may look even cuter in glasses, so we could have trouble.



  1. SuburbanCorrespondent says

    I’m so jealous of these kids! When I think of what my best friend and I were forced to wear…

  2. Awwww…can’t wait to see her! I too am a child of coke-bottle lenses and always wore frames that were the size of both my cheeks – we’re waiting to see which one of our kids (or both) inherits my lack of vision.

  3. Get her prescription and her PD (pupillary distance) from the opto and go order her some spares from Trust me on this. 😉

    Mom of the kid who got glasses at 18 months

  4. The Cooking Lady says

    I love glasses. Right now I am surviving on the cheap $20 ones form Walgreen’s…Walmart, but I fear soon I shall need them from a real doctor.

  5. How cute! Einey wears glasses and loves them. She even said she never wants contacts.

  6. trollop? nah…hussy? well, perhaps… ;o)

    outstanding glasses on the kid. i mean, totally spectacular!

    i was a coke bottle kid, and have trauma about my glasses ever since. i hate wearing them…but the new girlfriend makes me take out the contact every night…i suppose i finally found my motivation.. :oD

    glad kids today have better options for eyewear.

  7. Subspace Beacon says

    Those are some funky glasses.

    In 1985 I got my FIRST pair of glasses. They were HUGE aviator glasses that my mother chose because they were on the clearance rack. Oh. They were beyond ugly. But I LOVED them.

  8. Oh she looks so cute and so natural in them!

  9. Very cute!

    Here’s my little girls with glasses:

    Just ingnore the long winded post.

  10. glasses have certainly improved through the years!

  11. Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville says

    Oh man, the trauma some cute glasses would have saved me. *sigh*

    way cute, though!

  12. If they made glasses as cute as they do now when I was your daughter’s age, I would’ve been hot stuff in grade school.

    She looks so good. Give her a high-five from another bespectacled woman.

  13. oh! she is DARLING. Frannie tried on my glasses the other day and I was totally charmed by her smartie look. please, please don’t let the big coke bottle glasses with rainbow decals in the corner come back in style when my kid is sure to need glasses around 2nd grade. (I had the SAME ones you did – but with, yes, puppies and rainbows in the lower corner. GORgeous.)

  14. OMFG SO CUTE! those look just like the ones M has! So so awesome! Yay for girls who wear glasses!

  15. I started wearing glasses at 12 I think? It was awful but I had to! I soon got contacts at 14. But now, fashion is different and little girls can look so cool with them on!

  16. Your 80's glasses perfectly matched your skin tone and hair color. You were a babe, with or without glasses.

  17. Your 80's glasses perfectly matched your skin tone and hair color. You were a babe, with or without glasses.

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