Saturday, D woke up four years old.

He started the day by declaring the following, when I turned the channel to Sesame Street:

“Mommy, you change the show? This is a baby show”.

Later, he surprised me with his sudden ability to grow facial hair.

My baby boy. He’s grown up so fast.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY D!! I had it on the calendar but STILL didn’t manage to send our birthday wishes – so give him a big hug from the family in the Merrimack Valley and we hope to see him soon!!! My little boy is right behind him 🙁

  2. Happy Birthday!!! I remember when Paige woke up the morning of her 4th birthday she wanted to go to the pool to see if she could touch yet.

  3. Traceytreasure says

    That first picture made me smile. I needed that!
    He is so adorable!! I love his blue eyes!!
    Hug him and keep him close.
    Big birthday hugs for you both.

  4. My goodness, channel changing and facial hair all in one day – those homeschooled kids sure are precocious achievers!

    Happy birthday D, hope it was a great one.

  5. Happy Bday, little guy. The time goes by so quickly. I cannot believe we can’t call the boys babies anymore…

  6. AnotherMomCreation says

    Wow! Happy Birthday D!

    And FOM, could your kids look any more like you? FOF got left out big time!

  7. My “baby” turned four on Saturday, too! What a fabulous day to be born.

    Happy birthday, D!

  8. Subspace Beacon says

    They grow up so fast. One minute they’re innocent little cherubs, and the next: they’re Salvador Dali.

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY D~~! What a cutie. Love the frosting stash..

  10. New to your blog and just wanted to say, I can SO relate.

    My Big Guy just turned 5, and, as a kindergarten sophisicat, has stepped up his shunning of all little kid things.

    To wit, his new boycott of Noggin. “I can’t watch this! It’s for preschoolers

    No growth of facial hair yet, other than the milk mustache. Seems he’s not too old for some little kid things!

  11. Too cute! Glad he’s enjoying being older and more mature. 🙂 Happy birthday to him!

  12. VERY cute!

    Happy Birthday!

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I don’t know why this put tears in my eyes… William is turning 4 on the 25th. They are just such big boys now. And what a HANDSOME boy!!!

  14. Fairly Odd Mother says

    You guys are so great. Thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes. And, Audrey, I was the same way before D turned 4—very teary and wistful. I barely got through singing “happy birthday” without weeping. SB—Dali is a good one but I was thinking Charlie Chaplin. . .

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