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I’ve emerged from a woody campsite in New Hampshire unscathed. It’s taken a few days to get back into the swing of “living in a house”—-things like running water, an in-home bathroom and a refrigerator hold a special thrill to me right now.

But stories of our camping adventures and the drunken aftermath will have to wait as I have decided to jump into the institution known as the Perfect Post Awards.

The Original Perfect Post Awards 08.08

These awards were started by Kimberly of Petroville and Lindsay of Suburban Turmoil back in 2006 to recognize great blog writing each month. I’ve long admired these awards and have finally decided to play a part in awarding these little bits of monthly love.

So, as my first choice, I happily bestow the honor of the August Perfect Post Award to: dahdumdumdumdumdumdum (that’s a drumroll)

Ali of The Cleaner Plate Club for her post titled (deep breath, this is a long one): “Om’s Blue Cheese Zucchini Boats: Like Her Garden, A Thing of Beauty”.

OK, so the title is a mouthful, the post itself is gorgeous. What resonated with me most was how much we can still feel the influence of those who died years ago. While reading this post, I could feel, not only how much Ali had loved her grandmother during her life, but also how much of her grandmother she still carries with her and sees in her own children.

Stop by Ali’s blog and read this post. You’ll even get a delicious recipe at the end so that you too can remember something special about her Om.


  1. I did go read it, and it was incredible. A really special piece.

  2. wow! Great referral. Thanks. I love how she describes her grandmother: Om, my vibrant grandmother, all that light, gone.

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