Damn the 90’s

File this under: Maybe this is her second life?

Belly, my oldest at all of 7 1/2, was describing her dance class today in her usual animated fashion.

Apparently, they are trying to decide the “theme” for this year’s highly anticipated dance recital (all snarkiness intended). There were three options.

Her favorite was the “Kids Under Cover” theme which would allow her to wear a black hat tipped over one eye, all “spy-like”. I wanted to tell her that no self-respecting spy would creep around with a hat tipped over one eye, but held my tongue.

The other favorite was some sort of “Parasol Stroll”. She liked this option because it had a great prop—the parasol, which would surely take out the eye of at least one girl in class before the recital. Yawn.

The last option? She didn’t like it one bit. The name was “Freeze Frame” and involved what sounded to me like voguing, but she insisted that wasn’t right after she watched me demonstrate my stellar voguing moves.

No mom, not like that! Like this. . .” and she proceeded to do a great Robot dance.

Oh! The Robot!” I answered with enthusiasm.

“Yeah”, she signed disgustedly and then tossed her hair, “it’s like SO 1990’s”.


  1. Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children says

    You know, they play 90’s songs on the OLDIES station. How uncool is that!?

  2. Oh, I’m going to moondance over and kick her in the ass, I swear.

  3. Um. Moonwalk.

    That’s how old I am.

  4. Subspace Beacon says

    The only 90s dance I can think of is “Riverdance” and no one needs to be nostalgic about THAT.

    Kids Under Cover gets my vote. Just for the novelty.

  5. HA HA! Or what about the electric slide!!!!

  6. Jozet at Halushki says


    Show her The Bump and she’ll think you were around with the dinosaurs, lol.

  7. I am so very, very old.
    (also, the 90s dance was the macarena, right?)

  8. AnotherMomCreation says

    ummmm wow…

    I love the humor in your house.

  9. My children scream, literally, at us to stop dancing when hubby and I get our groove on in the kitchen. FOF, you remember how groovy we used to be, right?? Oh, that was back in the 90’s, damn.

  10. Sorry, FOM, you remember the groovy-ness, too…it just seemed FOF was in the middle of it more way back then!

  11. Don Mills Diva says

    You could remnind her that the parasol stroll was in fashion last in the 1890s…

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