How To Have Fun Waiting

As anyone who has ever been to Disney World knows, one thing you do a lot of is wait. Wait for the shuttle bus to take you to the park; wait in line to buy a Mickey Mouse-shaped ice cream bar; wait in line for Space Mountain;
wait for your dinner table to be ready.

Wait, wait, wait. All that time with nothing to do but try to entertain three bored kids, or at least try to keep them for completely melting down from the nothingness of it all.

Fairly Odd Father came up with the best idea for all this waiting though, and it has become one of our favorite aspects of our trip. While sitting around waiting somewhere, he grabbed our little digital camera and said, “Contest!”. The kids perked right up.

First it was a contest to see who could make the silliest face. Snap, snap, snap. After each child was photographed, they peered at the photos shown from the back of the camera admiring each others’ clever faces and then daring themselves to get sillier for the next round. I don’t recall him even awarding a “winner” at all, but they all seemed to agree who had brought it home each time.

Here is the Silly Face Contest:




This went on throughout the vacation. There was the Pretend You’re Being Eaten by an Alligator Contest:



The Pretend You are Falling Off the Rocks Contest:




Belly won the Highest Jump Contest:


And, Jilly won the Old Lady Face Contest, hands down:



Ahhh, good times.


  1. That’s great. I love how creative you guys got!

  2. This clearly deserves to be classified under “Works for Me Wednesday.” Fathers are so good at this kind of thing aren’t they. And how wonderful to have kids who are so game.

  3. Why didn’t you tell me about this idea when we were there?!? Great pictures!

  4. I thought we were the only family to make Little Old Lady faces! The kinship I feel with you right now is tremendous.

  5. Issas Crazy World says

    Your husband is brilliant. Funny if years from now, this is what they remember about your whole trip.

  6. That is an AMAZING idea! I am totally stealing this one.

  7. Subspace Beacon says

    Excellent idea! I think the old lady one is my fave.

  8. Sometimes Daddy-games make me a little insane. Like, when they cause bruising and crying. But other times, they’re just the most perfect thing ever.

  9. Oh, how cute! Those will be fun for the kids to look at down the road! We often do ‘silly faces’ first when I’m trying to take a picture and no one feels like smiling! Works everytime and they are in a better mood afterwards. 🙂 What fun shots you got!

  10. I love the little old lady! What a great idea. We spend a lot of time waiting in line, and I always have my camera.
    What a wonderful vacation. We are looking at a Disney Cruise if we come home next summer.


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