Rebel Without a Cause

Eleven days in Florida, many of them spent at the House of Mouse, have left my brain a bit fried. But, let me share with you my single-most favorite photo from the trip:



  1. moosh in indy. says


  2. love it. He looks thrilled.

  3. Dawn on MDI says

    Oh my.

    What a great picture.

    Worth every one of its 1,000 words.

    None of them polite, though.

    Not a one.

    That’s a picture to treasure forever. Haul it out on prom night to relive the moment. Oh yeah, keep that one safe.

  4. Oh, that is great!! LOL! D must be sooo happy to be home!!

  5. brilliant!

  6. Subspace Beacon says

    Well. That was money well spent.

  7. I’m rendered speechless at the fabulousness. Fantastic picture.

  8. Welcome home. We are contemplating a trip next year so we’ll need to hear all about your adventures soon!!

  9. That’s exactly what I looked like at Disneyworld. Except his hair is naturally blonde, I’m guessing.

  10. ha! That is fab!!!

  11. That’s a good one! And I’m impressed that you’ve uploaded your pictures already. I haven’t gotten nearly that far!

  12. Issas Crazy World says

    Man he looks like he had a blast on vacation.

    Love the hair!

  13. Heh heh. Maybe he would have been happier with a giant turkey leg.

    Welcome back.

  14. anita doberman says

    Awesome picture – that’s how my kids looked after our short vacation 🙂

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