Extra, Extra, Read All About It (well, maybe not “all” of it)

Last night’s picture-posting debacle was yet another example of how delicate it can be to maintain a public blog about my life without stomping on the toes of my family and friends.

I’ve sort of adopted the mantra that if I can’t say it to the person’s face, I can’t blog it. And, man is that hard. There are times my hands itch to write about something a family member did, or something a person in town said.

I’ve screwed up a few times. Thankfully, those screw ups have been fixable, like last night when I went ahead and removed Belly’s drawing of a 400-pound me with arms that looked like nipple tassels.

But, it is totally not fun for me to take that picture down. I don’t think I’m being mean-spirited in posting it, although Belly would beg to differ.

Listen, Bell, if I wanted to be mean spirited, there are so many other things I could post. Like. . .

the family member who is driving me crazy. . .

the neighbor I really dislike. . .

the hilarious story involving a urinal that someone begged me not to tell. . .

the juicy gossip about an affair in town. . .

the friend who totally disappointed me. . .

the kids I cannot stand. . .

the woman I met with a terrible Botox job. . .

It’d make for a good read, but I couldn’t do it. So, Belly, give me a break. If you start saying, “don’t put this on your blog” every single time you do something outrageous or noteworthy, it’ll really bum me out.

Thankfully, Jilly and D are still too young to censor me much. I still have a few years.


  1. Issas Crazy World says

    I can now see why I will never tell my kids about my blog. Or that’s the goal anyway.

    To bad about the picture, because I missed it.

  2. I know how you feel. I have to remind everyone that I would never share anything that they didn’t want others to know. It’s hard sometimes, but finding a new friend is a lot harder than writing a funny post.

  3. Subspace Beacon says

    I google-proofed my blog (fingers crossed) — cos I desperately need a placed to whinge and bitch and moan. And to humiliate my children. Motherhood — it’s such a power trip.

  4. Dang. I missed it.
    My dad handed out my blog address at a town council meeting, so now I am being very, VERY careful. But my theory is also that I live in a townful of sub-literate people, so how careful do I have to be? Stay tuned and find out!

  5. Damn. I knew my Botox looked bad…

    Kids can’t read and hubby is actually complaining the dog got a post and he hasn’t. Guess what one of my next blog’s is about…he asked for it 😉

  6. I miss the pic. She can actually draw pictures that LOOK LIKE THINGS, so I enjoy seeing them.

    (C’mon. I really want to see the one she drew the other night!!)

  7. I want to hear the other stories!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog — and, no, my anti-homeschooler rant wasn’t directed at you because you can spell and are not a moron like the certain someone in question. I’m hoping that certain someone reads my blog so I don’t have to rant in person the next time I see him and the psycho he’s married to. …

  9. I have to say, blogging would be a lot easier if it weren’t for all the self-censoring I have to do. I would LOVE to write about the friend who has the kid that always looks like he’s just stepped out of a tornado. There are times I long for the days when no one (that I knew) knew about my blog.

    Telling Belly that the stuff you write about her is nothing to compared to the stuff you COULD right about her is hilarious. And, now you have a new threat–“If you don’t do “x” then I will totally tell everyone that I caught you picking your nose at the mall…”

  10. thedomesticfringe says

    I warned everybody I know that all stories are fair game in blogland. Just kidding…there are SOME things I wouldn’t write about, but come on, each of those story ideas you listed would be fabulous!

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