Full as a Tick

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I’m looking forward to a day spent at my sister’s home, watching the next generation play while us old folk sit back and drink the funky cocktail she has prepared for the day.

And, to my friends who do not celebrate this holiday, you can join in the festivities by eating four dinners in one sitting. Then, either shuffle down the street for a slow walk or simply collapse on the couch in front of a football game.

May this holiday be peaceful for you all.


  1. Aw, happy thanksgiving to you all.

    Wish I were there for some of Karen’s funky cocktails. Because if I know her they’ll be really funky.

  2. Jozet at Halushki says

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    I’ll be collapsed somewhere by 3:00 PM, high on tryptophan and red wine.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving

  4. Ticks – I hate ticks. Yuck!

    happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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