In need of some elves. . .

Last year, by Thanksgiving, I was almost finished with my Christmas shopping.
This year, I have barely started. I get to say “barely” because I’ve ordered one thing for my husband.

Is it me, or is it hard to get excited about buying things right now? And, I have no ideas for the kids. None. This is not good since half of the family waits for me to post a wish list for the kids so that they know what they want.

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that if my kids didn’t get a single gift between now and the new year, their lives would be just fine. But that is just a little too “bah, humbug” for me.

You’d never know they don’t need anything by listening to D. “I want that!” he yells excitedly every time he sees a commercial or a toy store circular. God help me if I have to walk him into a mall between now and Christmas.

My oldest wants a Nintendo DS. I thought this would cost about the same as a LeapPad but I was wrong. Apparently, at 7, she now falls into the “expensive gadgetry” age. But, do I want to get her this? Considering I’m not sure what “this” is, no.

Jilly wants another American Girl doll. She has one from our trip to New York City a couple of years ago (the link will take you to the post I unfortunately decided to call “Wait Til You See This Wiener!“). Does she need another one? Absolutely not. Do I have any other ideas? Nope.

I’m thinking it will be a Christmas of clothes, books and crafts. Hopefully my children will someday forgive me.

btw, “clothes and books” under the tree would thrill me (note the absence of “crafts”); it’s just not that thrilling for the kids.

also, I’m starting a little offshoot to this blog called Fairly Odd Reviews (don’t click yet, it’s hideous right now!). Whenever I find something I love, or if I ever get around to doing paid reviews, I will post it here. Since I’m just getting it started, let me know if there is anything you’d like me to review. If I can do it, I will.


  1. The only things I have bought so far are books and then I lost my motivation so I think we are having a mellow, bookish Christmas this year too.

  2. I’m more of a surgical buyer who’s never liked shopping. Get in, get it, get out. This year, yes, I seem to like shopping even less.

    I usually do most of my Christmas shopping online in a blitz Thanksgiving night, so I’m not exactly behind. But I am behind in the “thinking about it.”

    The guys are no help, either. The only thing my 5yo’s mentioned is a Batman skateboard, and the only thing my 3yo’s mentioned is everything he sees on TV.

    And I’m just not motivated. Part of it’s because I’m tired of tripping over junk. The rest is because, well, I’m just not motivated.

    I’m sure I’ll rally, and I’m hoping that happens before Dec. 24. Have to keep reminding myself that these years when they still believe are the ones I’ll look back on and smile at when I’m an old lady living alone with 50 cats.

  3. Issas Crazy World says

    I love Christmas, but I have no more ideas than you have. My oldest has no idea what she wants. My younger daughter wants EVERYTHING in the entire world.

    I’ve bought one gift, it’s for the baby. The baby who only lays around and poops. Priorities, you know. 🙂

  4. We are in the same boat! I have no clue what to get my kids – they have so many things already.

    And 7 does fall into expensive gadgetry. Among my 7 year olds wishes are cell phone (no way, you don’t even talk on the landline), Ipod and Digital camera.

    She has a Nintendo DS, but saved her money all last year for it. I highly recommend going that route!

  5. SuburbanCorrespondent says

    It’s up to you whether a 7-year-old falls into the “expensive gadgetry” department. For us, the minimum age might be 14. Or older, depending on maturity level. My kids don’t have IPods or cellphones of their own or laptops or computer games; and no one has died of deprivation yet!

    7-year-old girl? That is the easiest age! Any of those Klutz books are great (although some might be too old for her, really). A nice set of beads to make jewelry with, a good game (a friend of mine has been raving about “Shut The Box,” which has enough strategy to intrigue an older child, but can still be played with a 5-year-old sibling, say), jigsaw puzzles, fabric to sew some clothes for that doll with…I could go on and on. It’s at 12 or so that the gift-giving gets tricky; save the electronics for then (or later).

    I can’t stop. WEBS ( has some very nice little looms on their website, designed for young girls; Klutz has a beginning knitting book and a beginning crochet book; magazine subscriptions are also fun (Ranger Rick is good if she is an animal lover).

    With little girls, the fun never ends! And little boys? Did you know Michael’s has (for one dollar each!) little wooden model kits that come with all required pieces, plus paint and a paintbrush? Airplanes and tractors, race cars, sailboats, you name it! There are also 1-dollar pads of color-it-yourself Christmas stickers (the velvet kind of coloring, if you know what I mean), a great 3-dollar Christmas activity and coloring book, and assorted other delights.

    And, at Target for 5 dollars each are these 3-in-1 Lego sets that keep my 8-year-old busy for hours.

    Think small!

  6. DysdHousewife says

    Right there with ya sister. Have not purchased a THING for Christmas, and have barely even given it a thought yet. Its one holiday at a time for me LOL.

  7. Subspace Beacon says

    My son would love a Nintendo DS — several of his classmates had them last year. They’d bring them out for recess, and network the consoles and play games. THEY WERE IN KINDERGARTEN!! I’ll _think_ about one in a few years, but only after the boys have got the hang of reading (my preferred boredom buster).

    This is the first year my kids have seen commercials (we’ve only recently branched out from public tv) and the boys now suffer from a serious case of gluttony.

  8. I really need to get on the ball, most things have to be ordered from the states. So far the boys are keeping it within reason. Although Noah would like a piano……
    I love American Girl!

  9. Well, after hours, days, and weeks on the internet researching every little thing, trying to get the best deal and free shipping, I finally finished. My 4 year old son is graduating to the next size up Legos, and I am getting him several sets catering to his One True Passion – construction. My 2 year old daughter is still in that Too-Big-For-Baby toys, Too-Little-For-The-Good-stuff phase. But after much observing of her play habits, she is getting her first baby doll with a doll nursery center, and some new pretend food and dishes.

    But oh how I have agonized over every little thing! Trying to make the “piles” equal, feeling guilty because I am more excited about the Legos than the dolly, beating myself up for spending too much, beating myself up for not spending enough….The Mother Guilt really blossoms around this time of year.

    Not to mention anxiety about coordinating all my efforts with assorted in-laws, santa,e tc.

    Anyway, I have seen several digital cameras meant for kids that are supposed to be indestructible and are relatively inexpensive. One of the parenting magazines that I read recommend the KidiZoom by V-Tech. I think it’s around $50. Also, I love the ideas of giving craft-project gifts – weaving looms, knitting or crocheting kits, little sewing machines….these things give skills, stretch imaginations, and provide hours, or even a lifetime of enjoyment.

    Sorry to carry on so much! Good luck!

  10. Well 7 over here got a DS at 5, and one game at that time, Nintendogs… it was cute! She took it on the car mostly and when she got to Kindergarten she got a few cute games that required LOTS of READING. And it had Hannah Montana, but mostly, it was LOTS OF READING. So at first it was annoying because I had to help her, but then it was fabulous, because she was learning to love to read and playing a game where she had to remember what she had read.
    Last year my bro got 7 an ipod shuffle. We set the volume limit through itunes and loaded it with some fun music, (some of it from Guitar Hero).
    The only problem I have is that 4 wants a DS and an ipod, AND everything she sees on TV.
    Oh, and I bought teacher gifts, does that mean I have started shopping?

  11. Nope, haven’t done anything here yet either, and Hannukah starts on 12/21!

    Umm, the captcha word for this comment is “hosized” – should I be offended LOL?

  12. Ugh – birthdays and Christmas drive me nuts! Do I REALLY need any more Lego sets to vacuum up? Enough! My oldest has gotten to the stage where she likes to shop for things with “her own money.” But a gift card never seems all that exciting…

  13. I’ve bought nothing. I have looked around and thought about re-gifting and crafting – and contemplated spending zero dollars on Christmas. I don’t know if I can go through with it though.

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