Taking Care of Business

I’m in that “making a list and checking it twice” mode right now, so I’m going to take care of a few things that have been left hanging for too long.

A) Sus over at Wiggle Rooms gave me this nifty little award a while back. It originates from this site, Arte y pico, which must be a smart site because it is bilingual.


Sus wrote some super nice things about me, but my favorite part was this, “I’ve long been intrigued by home schooling. I don’t think I can manage it (though I’ve thought about it) but if I tried, I’d be calling Fairly Odd every day for encouragement and wisdom.” Here’s the deal, Sus: you try homeschooling, and I’ll give you my number.

I’m supposed to tag five bloggers. Recently, several of my blogging friends have gone underground. I’m not sure what this says about the blogs I read, but if you are a blogger who has changed your blog name to shake off family, gone to “invite only”, or just stopped posting lately because of the heat from those close to you, this one is for you too.

B) My former New England Mamas’ cohort Whirlwind (oh, yeah, news flash: New England Mamas is sort of gone. Will come back. In another form. I think. News at 11). . .anyway, Whirlwind tagged me for a meme that confused me at first but went something like this.

* Go into your photo files
* Pick your sixth file
* Pick the sixth photo in the file
* Post it on your blog and explain what the photo is.

If there was one more “sixth” in these instructions, I’d be convinced that this was some sort of devil plot. But, there are only two 6’s, so I’ll play along.


Here’s D with our GIANT remote that I mentioned in a post not all that long ago. It was on sale. And, it still works and is never, ever lost. Sometimes husbands buy silly things that turn out to be great. Sometimes.

(by the way, I love how Jilly is randomly standing there staring at her strange little brother and that contraption; I do not love how ugly and shiny and worn out our family room couch looks)

C) Finally, WAAAAAYYYYY back when, another of my former New England Mamas, Margalit tagged me for a meme where I tell you of Six Unspectacular Quirks of mine. You may find these quirks to be spectacular, but they are just ordinary quirks to me.

1. I have to make my bed every day. Even if I forget until 9pm, I will make it before I crawl under the covers. You may think this was how I was raised, but here’s the weird thing: while I lived under my parents’ roof, I never, ever made my bed. My mom did it every day. It wasn’t that I was lazy, it was that she was incredibly anal, and the site of a 10-year-old’s attempt at bed-making would have made her twitch.

2. When I sit on the ground, my legs make that “M” position around me that doctors tell you never to do because you’ll grow up deformed. I’ll correct my kids, but I still do it all the time.


D demonstrates; before he was corrected, of course

3. If a movie or television show gets too scary, I will ask whoever is next to me, “does she die?”, “is that going to blow up?” or whatever else is relevant, even if I know that they haven’t seen the show either. I also watch these scenes from behind my hands, peeking out between my fingers (Fairly Odd Father hates watching suspense movies with me).

4. I hate laughing until I cry, because I’m left with tears which make me feel sad.

5. I grind my teeth, or more accurately “clench” my teeth when I sleep. I’ve done it since infancy and have had dentists try to “fix” the problem by removing teeth, filing teeth, and inserting mouth guards. I’ll probably need surgery someday as I can hear my jaw creaking to open and close in the morning which just can’t be a good thing.

6. Put me in a roomful of cute kids and one ugly dog, and I’ll play with the dog.

That’s all I got.


  1. Cool remote!
    My boys sit like that all the time. I never knew it would affect their legs… The Dr. here explained it is because my kids are a bit bow legged. Now I wonder if they are not a bit bow legged because I have been a neglectful mother allowing them to sit that way??

  2. I watch scary scenes from between my fingers too – the more suspenseful, the tinier the slit that I view through.

  3. Mrs. Mogul says

    When I used to attempt to watch a scary movie on TV I used to turn the channel and then flick back and forth!

  4. Chicky Chicky Baby says

    Oh yeah, number 6. I’m totally number 6 too.

  5. Too funny! I saw you sitting in that position just last week. I noticed, but didn’t say anything as I’ve seen you do it several times and you mentioned it was comfortable once before. LOL! It was when we were sitting with D playing the No Stress Chess Game. 🙂

  6. I don’t homeschool and I still want to call you every day for advice and wisdom.

  7. Awesome – hey, I just started homeschooling and could use some tips! Seems like it’s always so chaotic and I am not sure how long or if I am having them work enough…

  8. Love the remote. Do you just put it on the floor and have the kids jump on the channel number?

  9. I’m totally with you on number one. An unmade bed just feels nasty.

    And that leg position will leave you DEFORMED? I’m supposed to be correcting my kids? Uh-oh.

    I clench my teeth too, even when I’m awake. During the whole mouthpiece/jaw lock incident one of my dentists told me ‘teeth apart, mouth closed’ and I had to make a concerted effort to do it but after a bunch of years it’s become second nature and it’s helped. A ton.

  10. Issas Crazy World says

    I bug the shit out of my husband, because I do the same thing in movies and shows. I make people tell me the ending to movies, if it is scary or too intense.

    I used to sit like that as a kid. I am not deformed, but I was told that too. Also, that cracking my knuckles would make my knuckles huge and ugly as an adult. Oh the things adults say.

  11. DysdHousewife says

    On the scary movie thing, I just make some excuse to leave the room. I am SUCH a pansy…

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