Waiting to Exhale

Wonder what I’ll be doing for the next 48 hours or so?

I’ll be holding my breath. This election cannot come soon enough.

I cannot wait to get into that voting booth with my three kids. Belly has already predicted (accurately) that I will cry when I pull that lever. In fact, she thinks I’ll spend most of tomorrow crying, but hopefully they will be tears of relief, of hope and of promise for better days ahead for everyone.

And, even if you don’t share my political views, I suppose we should all be hoping for better days ahead.

Whatever happens, please vote. And, bring your kids if you can. They can carry the Kleenex.


  1. My boy can’t wait to go with me, and wishes he could vote too! Too bad he’s only 5.

  2. Subspace Beacon says

    I get a nervous knot in my stomach just thinking about your elections. And it might just be the flu talking, but the phrase “Sarah Palin, Vice-President-elect” makes me want to hurl.

    I’ve been watching/surfing the American news and am so impressed that people are passionate enough about their political choice that they’ll wait for hours in line at the polls. Yeah for Democracy!

  3. I’ll be with you (metaphorically of course) with my 3 kids squeezed into the voting booth…. That should be quite a sight!

  4. Kristen M. says

    I have been thinking about how I am going to cry tomorrow. I was just thinking about in the evening when the results are coming in though. I forgot that I might cry while I cast my vote. I better take some tissues!

  5. Totally with you on that. I’m already a nervous wreck.

  6. Can’t stand it!!!

    I’m terrified. If this is a replay of the last two elections, I’m going to be drinking for the next 4.

  7. In my opinion this election is OVER! Obama won it weeks ago!!

  8. Dawn on MDI says

    I voted three weeks ago – in Maine we can do that. I have to say that it felt electric when I marked the box (we have paper ballots still, and no counting machine in my town) for Barack Obama. Not in my lifetime have I been so hopeful, so inspired by a candidate. I am reminded of what Caroline Kennedy said, both in her New York Times column and at the convention – that Obama is the first candidate in our lifetime that inspires us to be more that we are, to do better than we’ve been doing, to try harder and give more. Like Jack, her father. Please, god. Let this come true.

  9. Issas Crazy World says

    Last night I took a breath. I’m pretty sure it was the first time in a long time. I also slept so well. YAY Obama!!!

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