Go Ahead, Make My Day

The post I planned to write Thursday morning was full of woe. As in, “woe is me” because:

* my toe, the one I kicked almost a month ago and (think I) broke, still hurts enough for me to think “TOE!” far too often;

* because of said toe, my planned re-entry into the world of Those Who Exercise has been sidelined, making me feel squishy where I do not want to feel squishy;

* my hair, oh my hair, is looking a bit too “mommish” right now…

You get the picture.

And, then, later in the afternoon, the heavens decided to throw me a bone.

I was in, of all places, a Dermatologist’s office getting the once-over by the kind doctor with a thick accent. My bored children rolled around on the floor willing this exam to end.

“OK, now I look at your face”, the Doctor said as she peered at my skin. “And you are. . .how old?”

“41”, I said and, unexpectedly, I saw her step back with a look of surprise on her face.

“OH! I thought you were, maybe, 29!”

Now, this may be a standard Dermatologist line, one that they use on their 90-year-old clients, as well as the tired-and-rumpled moms who walk through their doors.

But, I’ll take it. Yes, I will. She made my day.


  1. Subspace Beacon says

    I’ve recently discovered that the brand new freckle on my nose is NOT in fact a freckle, but an age spot. AN AGE SPOT? WTF? Cause all of a sudden I’m Estelle Getty now?

    But I’m happy for you. You and your dewy wrinkle free skin. Bitch.

  2. Fairly Odd Mother says

    SB, if it makes you feel any better, I also have those awful flat brown freckles on my cheeks. It’s like a connect-the-dots of my life.

    After a colonoscopy, two mammograms, all my breathing issues, the removal of two freckles, liquid nitrogen on my nose, and some other horrid procedure involving my uterus (all since I turned 40!), I think it is a mixed blessing that the only thing not aging as fast as the rest of me is the skin on my face. 😉

  3. Blog Antagonist says

    Hurting toes take a long time to heal.

    And, me too, to your other two. SIGH.

  4. Can you send her number to me? I think I need an appointment just for that pick-me-up, not for my freckles!

  5. Nice!

    I also have those age spots. Yuck!

  6. I would have kissed her full on the mouth.

  7. DysdHousewife says

    DITTO what Mrs. Q said. And I ain’t even bendin’ that way…

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