When Little Boys Attack

D, my lovely, adorable, “let’s kiss Mommy again”, son has a dark side.

  • When he gets mad and frustrated, he calls me a dummy. He can’t say “cat” intelligibly, but he can say dummy clearly, especially when we’re in public and there are lots of old ladies nearby.
  • When he gets REALLY mad and frustrated, he spits. SPITS! If there is any saving grace, it is that he sucks at spitting and really just makes the sound. Plus, he aims at the ground. But, still. . .ick!
  • And then, tonight, he bit Belly in the arm. Really bit her. He has rarely resorted to something so vile as biting, and I’m not sure what ticked him off. According to both him and Belly, he was biting-mad that she put the little figurine of Ariel on top of a plastic chair in the doll house. The nerve.

OK, I joke, but he is really testing my patience. I can handle sibling squabbles, but this went way too far. He may be only four, but he knows he’s doing something wrong.

And, he’s about to find out that this Mommy is no dummy.


didn’t you see what they did to the Abominable Snowman, buddy?


  1. Christine @ Boston Mamas says

    That photo is hilarious!!!

    If you’d like some tips on dealing with biting, see http://www.bostonmamas.com/2008/10/handling_biting_behavior.html (at the end of the post there’s another link for a column I wrote for Care.com on the topic).

    Hope it’s helpful!

  2. That photo is cute though!

    Good luck with that little biter!

  3. Subspace Beacon says

    Oh, no. I’ve been there. My eldest boy was a biter. I felt so helpless, I couldn’t get him to stop AND I couldn’t protect his then baby brother from the teeth of doom.

    He’s grown out of it. **knock on wood**

    He’s a real cutie, though. If that’s any concilation.

  4. Ugh, the spitting phase nearly drove me mad – and in my case it was the girlie girl!

  5. Biting = spanking at my mean, mean house. It’s one of the only things that can result in the Dread Slap On The Butt.

  6. Lucas wants to be a dentist, so this can all be arranged…

  7. Sweet little Dante?

  8. Issas Crazy World says

    My first thought was, he’s four isn’t he? I’ve got one too. Although she doesn’t bite, she’s taken to smacking people on the head. Also screaming bloody murder and falling to the ground when she doesn’t get her way. I keep telling her, it’s not Academy performance quality, so go to your room, until it is. Don’t think that we’ll work with biting though.

  9. Sophie, Inzaburbs says

    I love that photo!

    My absolute best technique with biting so far has been to pick up the bitee and give them lots of love while shooting the biter disappointed looks. My mother used to use this look on me for everything so I know it works 😉

  10. My son went through that not too long ago. The worst incident was when he was three and his baby sister was one. We were all together, the kids were playing nicely (so I thought). There was no arguing or warning, just the pained shriek of the baby girl. He had bitten her on the face! The FACE! For no reason! Oh, I was just livid, confused, upset….My natural reaction is to go to the worst possible scenario, so of course I was wondering what I had done wrong that he would do this, and is this how Jeffrey Dahmer started out? Horrible.

    He got sent immediately to his room, “you go up there and think about what you did while we decide on the consequences” (that old chestnut). His poor sister was hysterical and had a mark on her face that lasted for three days. He got a serious talking-to and a spank. It was very traumatic for everyone. He only did it one other time, and I hope we have said goodbye to that forever.

    It was probably my punishment for laughing at all my friends when their kids did it…

  11. Dysd Housewife says

    ROFL I find it ironic that your intro for your comment page is:
    “c’mon, say something. I won’t bite.”
    Anyway, I think it’s an age thing. My son, also 4 tried the biting. After two good slaps on the backside, and a nice long bedroom stay, he decided it wasn’t all that much fun anymore.

  12. Okay, I had to laugh out loud at this one. I even read it to Corey as you just make me laugh with the way you write… Love the picture!

  13. Trenches of Mommyhood says

    Awww…perhaps he’s teething?

    Ha ha

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